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Making Pancakes with Pillsbury Funfetti pancake mix

Making pancakes! Sorry for the loud dishwasher in the background! Please subscribe below and leave a comment

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Video Transcription

all right so you’re creating what todayokay and so we start with okay we usechills very fun Betty powder for pancakemix[Applause]okaystartup right so we you can use a spoonor what else can you use what’s thatwhiskokay so then we cook the pancakes and inyour favorite part on top of thepancakesoh we forgot something that’s reallysticky but you love to put on yourpancakes it starts with an S so Jameslike syrup and whipped topping this isthe new thing we’ve been trying whippedtopping on his painting so how did theytake[Music][Applause]so where the pancake pretty I mean thismorning all right so what do you want totell you some scrubbers[Applause]okayHeybodies broken here[Applause]comment let us know what more ofsomething you want to see ownership theyhave a great name

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