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So EASY! The easiest bread you will ever bake and looks and tastes fabulous!

How to make your own artisan Bread so easy. Even a first timer can bake a bread that will look and taste like you have bought it at a expensive Market.

All you need
3 Cups of all purpose flour
1.5 cups of hot water
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp yeast
and follow video instructions
bake for 45 min (check after 35 min if top is browning)


The only bread recipe you will ever need.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s very gonna teach you how to makeyour own artisan braids that’s a quickand easy recipe and don’t need recipeanybody can do it if I can make it youcan make it what are you going to needyou’re going to need all purpose flouryou’re gonna need some kitchen salt andyou’re going to need yeast justall-purpose flour if they got to thesalty using the fine melanne pink saltcause it’s not beached like your kitchensalts it’s actually better for this kindof cooking and then you can use yourinstant yeast you can use the quick guysall those yeasts right all you’re gonnado then is put in three cups of flourgookju of all you’re gonna put in oneteaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoonof your yeast just put it all togetherin your palm on the spot teasing and youjust mix it in all together nicely youdon’t miss like I do but just mix it inhold together quite nicely the nextthing you’re going to need is your waternow with the wateryou don’t need boiling water but justwarm water so I just run the tap as longas it can and then just use that we aregoing to need one and a half cups ofwarm water it’s soft wooden spoon andthen just mix this into a nice stickydough like I said some no need those soyou just gonna mix this and do it stickydough don’t know too big because youdon’t want to lose all the e in thedream scrape the sides of the bowl offand as you can see it’s becoming one bigmushy lump and that’s what we wantyou finished mixing you get a nicesticky dough when you get to thissection what they have to do now is youget yourself some plate wrap and wegonna wrap this up put some plain breadand in we gonna let it rest for 30minutes just wrap around your ballstretch all the way over to cover it andmaybe that’s your sticky dough like Isaid in the beginning of the video it’sa nice and easythough to make all you really need isthose company ingredients and topbecause when you get to the sticky doughconsistency put your leg back on and nowyou’re gonna let it rest for three hoursonce you’ve got once we’re done with itthree hours resting we’ll show you whatthe next step is there I was later andthis is what you don’t looks like it’sfrozen quite a bit best to count thewall because this dough is very stickyno but it really is take your spatulaand you just start from the side andstart rolling the dough out like I saidis going to be sticky so use yourspatula and just carry everything outonto the counter you don’t know that youthink your spatula and you just startrolling this over from one side onceyou’ve rolled it out of that give itmore power sprinkle it on top a littlebit much and you get it unfolding followthem from the other side fold it againfrom that side protocol your counter tomake sure you put all the dough and nowyou can start taking your handstart forming a little board they takesome parchment paper take a differentBowl put your parchment paper in thecenter of you take your ball that youhave just made and you drop it in themiddlemake sure your portable paperonce you that important paper you arenow going to cover it with a cloth onceyou’ve covered it you’re not gonna do itfor 35 minutes depending on wrong thatyou’re having to warm that so I haven’tthanks about 15 minutes to warm up so 15minutes before this is ready I’m gonnastart warming up the oven and inside theoven you must make sure that you putyour Dutch oven with you haven’t sowe’re gonna just put our already on to230 with the Dutch I’ve been insidealready as I said early on I’ll show youyou want the Dutch oven together withthe oven all right now let’s take outthe Dutch oven first make sure you useprotection because it’s very very arts[Music]put a dot one to the wind board you’regonna take that you take your little putit down and all you’re gonna do then bevery careful it’s hotsay you’re from the parchment paper anddrop it straight in there take your lidput the lid back on again and once youput everything back in a you’re gonnapretend to be oven for 35 minutes takeit out often 35 minutes you’re gonnatake take the little check if you’retopless brown or if your doctor startingto burn you’re going to leave the lid onand do for anotherif it’s not crispy more browning it thenyou’ll take your top offand you leave it open do for finaldinners 10 minutes but in total you willdo it for 45 minutes all right so let’sget it into the oven again make sure youget your protection because it is hotnow you just set your oven then fiveminutes in there bro see in 35 minuteswe’ll show you what it looks like rightafter your 45 minutes now you can takeout now you can take up to a brief herewe gowhat the braid is starting to look likeleave it in there for another fiveminutes just to cool down a little bitand then we will take it out this kindof braid you’ll pay a fortune for afarmers market and yeah I have to showyou how to make it yourself quick andeasy in your own kitchennever hassle because there’s no need allyou really need is the time to theyreplaced youand as you can see it comes outabsolutely beautifulthe first thing I’m gonna do is cut thislast cover a little butter and just eatit like that there’s nothing like freshbraid all right so with this braid youcan do anything we’re gonna happentonight with some soup you can make yoursauce sandwiches with it you can usethem to make some gourmet centimeters ifyou want if you just slice up and youget yourself some later some tomato abit of cheese some roast meat tosomething like that and you can makeyourself an absolutely stunning sayingit with it the biggest now cool down alittle bit so now we’re gonna just stepover on to a nice cooling rack as youcan see the brain is absolutelybeautiful and then you’ve got a perfectprettyand that is what your braid will looklike inside absolutely perfect now it’sbig enough air bubbles in a this isgoing to be absolutely delicious withour soup because that will soak up yoursoup 100% and it’s going to be deliciouslet’s get some soup I’m going to have apiece just with butter and the lastthing about being the person who’sbaking the bread you can choose whichside you want and I wanted that crust asyou can yeah that’s what the rate shouldsound like I mean when you’ve made it sothat I’m gonna have as leave the butteron itperfect absolutely delicious that was inthe comments but you also get my flourif you want to see more of those kind ofvideos remember to give us a likesubscribe comment all those nice thingsyou really get such a sense ofachievement didn’t make a beautiful dayyou

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