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How to make next level pancake art

Have fun with your kids and transform your pancakes into art with our easy tips.

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Video Transcription

next level pancake art pancake art is aneasy way to take your pancakes to thenext level colored batter to create thebatteruse your favorite pancake recipe or astore-bought pancake mix the battershould be completely smooth you can addsmall amounts of milk to the batteruntil you’ve reached the rightconsistency divide the batter evenlyamong three small bowls we’re creating acarrot shaped pancake so we’ll needgreen orange and brown food coloringtransfer the bowls of colored batter tosqueezy bottles you can also use snaplock bags with one corner of eachsnipped the pancake lightly grease anonstick pan with butter then place overa very low heat use the brown coloredbatter to pipe the outline of the carrotadd ridges along the carrot now use thegreen colored batter to pipe the leaveson top fill in with orange coloredbatteronce the batter starts bubbling flipover to see your colorful carrot shadingyou can also create pancake art withuncolored batter this technique usesshading to achieve definition place yourpan over a medium heat and follow thesame process of outlining differentparts of your shape before filling it inflip to see your pancake art come tolife get playful with pancake art

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  1. Easy gawin at favorite ng mga kids. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Magawa nga eto para sa mga anak ko..

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