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Quarantine Drag Queen Brunch – Let’s Make Pancakes!

Can’t make your favorite drag brunch during the current health crisis? Let me bring the brunch to you! Sit down, grab a snack, and lets make some pancakes!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello and welcome to my kitchen now asmany of you guys know lots of dragqueens and promoters and DJs andmagicians and models and professionalalcoholics have recently all becomeunemployed due to our current healthsituation so yo girl has lost a lot ofgigs recently so I thought what notbetter of a way to you know subside thiscuz we can’t go to the shows so immabring the show to you yes you backingbehind the camera so we are going tohave a quarantined Queen brunch todayright here in my kitchen now you knowI’ve been trying not to like snack alacka lot you know because we all got ourquarantine food and set aside but I feellike I’m gonna eat all of it within thefirst 72 hours so I’m gonna show youguys a calorically effective meal tohave during this quarantine because Ifeel like I keep like walking into thekitchen like a little mouse in themiddle that I like little torino so thisway we are going to have all basescovered with fulfilling delicious foodyou know I mean fairway it was a badchoice so today we’re going to be makingsome blueberry protein pancakes and amimosa now when you think of a typicalmimosa you have one champagne and youhave orange juice I happen to haveneither of those ingredients so we’rejust gonna make it mimosaI like to call I’m gonna mix togetherwhat I have and hope it tastes good solet me show you guys the list ofingredients that you’re gonna need toget together your own quarantine queenbrunchingredients you’ll need will be ameasuring cup some sugar-free syrup someKamisha Sparx pineapple juice a fuck tonof tequila protein pancake powder and asemi old mannow before we start cooking we need tomake a little bit of a cocktail becauseyou always have to start out Sundaycorrect so first you fill it up withsome ice white collar’s good next forour minosa next bar a bit Nosa we’regonna take a little bit of toquillabecause nothing says hi I’m a dirty girllike a little coconut tequila sweetheartso you’re just gonna take a little bitof the tequila you don’t want to overdoit because you still want the pineappletaste to be pretty promise prominentpretty prominent so we’re just gonnatake a little tequila next we’re gonnatake a little pineapple juice and we’rejust gonna take Mom next we’re gonnatake a little pineapple juice not alittle mmmI don’t really know next we’re gonnatake some pineapple juice and you knowthat’s gonna be the majority the drinkthat’s really what’s gonna bring out theflavor if you will so you know a prettyhefty amount of pineapple juice andthat’s good well that smells like when Itake my nail polish off with speaking ofnail polish if you guys did not knowduring my current depression of notbeing able to do shows make sure youguys log on to allowed lacquer comm andcheck out my Ariel X loud lacquer how tobe fabulous nail polish boxset today ifyou guys pick up a nail polish boxyou’re not only supporting me but youare also supporting this awesomeup-and-coming new nail polish brand andthey are also cruelty free and vegan andalso I’ve had a hundred gigs cancelledso buy some nail polish let’s give thisa try[Music]all done now we’re gonna move on to thedelicious pancake part of our breakfastnow remember like I said or to besnacking a lot it’s when I keep you knowthe meals to a minimum so protein andsay I think a good way to fill yourselfup in the morning so we are going to bedoing our blueberry pancake thingsprotein pancakes and I have my lovelyassistant or make our dito here to help[Music]all right so we’re gonna be chic we’regonna be using the crust stateKrusty’s but that does not sound like agood brand the crusties that was not agood choice the crusties brand tell thema story about the girl at thesupermarket oh my gosh – we were justtalking about baking’s you know ormaking protein pancakes in the bakingaisle and then this lady rushed to itand there was like two boxes left andshe grabbed them both and she walkedaway like while she was looking at usand I was like I hope you’ve choked onthat blueberry diet we look under twistlike against the wall there was like onebox left and here we go the crusty thecrust is correct yeah[Music]he hates spongebob I don’t even knowthat was a spongebob it’s when they weretrying to deliver a pizza and they workso student repeats us mom actually youactually are Squidward right nowalright so let’s check this it says 14grams of protein pretty cold if youdrink it with if you mix it with water16 grams of you mix with milk and 19grams if you mix it with milk and an eggwell I think that we should just youknow keep it to meso water right now because we’re tryingto try to count the calories water isthe way to goyes all right so it says serving sizeabout 9 per container so this is gonnalast public for breakfast is else for usand serving size is half a cup so you’regonna wanna grab your little measuringcup and Ricardo you to be the honors ofpouring in a full cup cuz it’s for twotea or – 1 cup right one full cup gonnalevel it out and check in on the amountlook at a little a little crustyalright so now it says how much water itsays we mix this with two thirds of acup of waterI think that looks good I mean if thesink water is not gonna get you thecoronavirus will so this was stucktogether if you will smell smells likeblueberries you chosen but we got towater on the stupid[Music]now that we have our minim pill now thatwe have our mix we’re gonna take ourPammy show sparks and we are going tospray see um what is it called fryingpan the frying pannow taking little Pam Isha sparks we’regonna go ahead and uh get her nice andlubed you you know what I meanand we’re gonna turn the stove on to anice even five are you guys ready forthe first pan clogged oh hiand as you can see as the heat activateswith the batter it bubbles up and causesit to firmsounds like success I get like reallyannoyed with my pancakes our Freddie so[Music]we’re gonna attempt to flip it oh god noJesus do watery that pancake I’minfuriated alright um we’re gonna trythat again make the mix a little bitthicker it’s like a baby one let’s goahead and try to flip it hippy this oneI made these the other day they lookedgood good no there no I look like theyalways have eyes looks good no they’renotand by the way calorie update on thiscrusty ass brand it is 220 calories perserving oh my Lanta there was so muchprettierthe other day I think I finally got theperfect mixing ratio notice the bubbles[Music]huh now to keep the counters nice andcleanwhere’s they take a lie saw white ourmess I’m just gonna grab this last handclogged[Music]and here you have it some hills haveeyes protein pancakes now that we havethe pancakes plate in we’re gonna takesome banana which retail value of about100 calories so it’s between 250calories we’re gonna peel thiscreepy-looking nan we’re now going tocut the banana into little pieces nowwe’re going to place the banana on topof the pancakesdo wha now that we have the banana andthe pancakes we’re just going to take alittle bit of spray a bunch of and we’rejust gonna kind of blow that up this isthe zero calorie I can’t believe it’snot butter butter we’re just gonna putthat on there get it nice and butteryand last but not least we’re going todress it with our sugar-free syrupenough just to you know coat pancakeswell there you have it now regarding Joeand I have our beautiful lovely proteinbanana blueberry Krusty Hills Have Eyesbreakfast of champions for ourquarantine so let’s go ahead and take ataste this by the way this breakfast ithas a lot of protein so it’s gonna keepus energized throughout the day and itonly has 335 calories a little syruppancake a little Dan alright guys andagain thank you guys for tuning into ourdrag queen quarantine fun little brunchnext week we’ll be back with anothergreat recipe on how you too can getthrough this quarantine and we will seeyou next timeas I’m making pancakes and as always

20 Replies to “Quarantine Drag Queen Brunch – Let’s Make Pancakes!

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  4. Well…. I’m an ICU nurse, so I am working overtime but I can’t be around my 84 year old moma and that stresses me out. Thank you for a fun video. The pancakes look great and that wig is everything!

  5. This was amazing! Absolutely hilarious and totally distracted me from all of the crazy in the world right now. Good job! See you in Scotland soon??? x

  6. ok this was so hilarious & fun and definitely brightened up my sunday! thank you ariel, love ya ❤️

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