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Making Aquafaba Pancakes (inspired by Binging with Babish)

Hey everybody,

These are an idea I had after watching the latest Basics with Babish ( that talked about basically a vegan way to do dough (no eggs), and this lead me to try and make pancakes using aquafaba.
Mine still had milk in them but you can easily substitute that. They turned out great, hope you find this recipe useful!


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and welcome back to theDJ’s Channel today I’m going to be doinga cooking video and it is about therecent episode from Benjamin babishwhere he makes quite some interestingstuff with chickpeas and this I alreadyhave a can of chickpeas from all fromquite some time now I was like okaylet’s let’s do something about itbecause I got it inspired about this ozit called lava Baba or something likethat and basically the liquid that isbeing extracted from the chickpeas yesand I like protein like texture orqualities so it could be used forexample in my casewell at least I’m hoping to makepancakes and we shouldn’t be using any Xin this case so let’s give it a try sowhat I wanted to our plan to do thisstructurally have the beans okay I’mtrying to actually extract as much ofthe liquid as possible and I salt orlike chunky chunky things in the liquidbeforehand but I don’t see them anymorehere so I’m assuming everything wentinside the this thing here on the bottomso I could definitely just use it asthis not sure that’s you texture wisethat’s you know just like any good fuelif you see oh yeah there there thosechunky chunky thing is there[Music]so maybe I got water here see this goover this maybe put some pull some ofthose chunks with it anyway I think thiswould be itso let’s let’s try it with disabilitiesif it doesn’t work we can always addsome banana but I’m really trying to dothis only with the chickpeas forstarters so what else do we need we needsome salt we need some brown sugar orany sugar or no sugar however you likeit I find that some sugar and a changedetect the taste just a bit and also itwould add it would make caramelizationhappen a bit more so you’ll get somebrowning or dark spots on the resultingpancakes at the end the final goodsso this is done let’s hear somesourdough starter I would not makepancakes you don’t really need it but ittastes better with it somehow so I havesome sourdough starter here we’ll justscoop some of it like that I guess thistime it’s a bit more runny so just poursome of it something like that andeverything give this a bit of a beating[Music]and it definitely starts creaming a bitwhich is what we wantin in effect so definitely startedcreaming final result now some floweroil and why I do this is because itmakes it easier to cook with less oil soif you put some into the mix you can youreally bake them afterwards with anywithout any oil whatsoever even onsomething like like this which is notany Teflon pan or something like thatwhich is pretty cool so we have thatusually you would put some milk orusually I put some rice or coconut milkin this case I have some normal milk sojust use that but you could definitelydo better if you want full vegan sosomething like this proportions youbasically have to judge by yourself youknow it’s already in my case I just puttwo eggs and then I feel up on two orthree to four hundred millilitres on thescale here I guess this would be itwell I guess half a liter somethingsubtly you have to kinda judge it byyourself it depends a lot on I thinkthere are many factors that influencethat for example the flour texture minemine is gluten free so it definitelyacts differently so experiment and findyour best but here this is forming somuch man amazing soI’m going to quickly start the stove andlet’s start adding some yeah some flourit doesn’t take much time whatsoever Imean normal pancakes I guess takes likefive minutes to prep the pancakes andthen 10 to 15 minutes to bake and in 20minutes you already have deliciouspancakes and let’s see what kind oftexture we end up having here I’mcurious[Music]oh just paid up this process and seeafter this is this has achieved thedesired texture I feel like this is evenone too much nowyeah it’s getting stickier so yeah youalready have literally it’s almost likedough consistency it’s actually I gottasay it gets way thicker than I wasexpectingI’m I was planning on doingeuropean-style creepers basically whatis a thin and big pancakes but with thistexture I might end up doingamerican-style ones that are likebasically smaller in diameter but athicker we’ll see how that goes but yeahit kind of looks like this would be thecase because it’s the Dole end up reallythick and I’m wondering what exactlycost that so can we start I think we canlet’s give it a gowith something more like a Americanpancake just because they’re a biteasier to handle and let’s see what ourresult will be so this is pancakestraditional pancake recipe using dabadaba caba daba I think it was just fromchickpeas take one try one for test onelet’s see how it goes so give it a likesometime you can actually start seeinghow the corners starting to change notthere what kind of like here starting tochange color I guess maybe that’s thelightening I think no no they do startmaybe you see the darkeningthat is a sign that we have and this ishow you want it and I haven’t doneAmerican pancakes for quite some time soit is a lot more gooey than I imaginedso yeah these will definitely beamerican-style pancakes they’re justlike Bowieyou know like spongy and I’m assumingyeah this will definitely work with thisapproach or for this style of pancakeyeah super easy to manipulate as you cansee it’s like basically a sponge nowsuper easy pancakes oh my god so I willfinish the first one and then I’ll passor maybe just speed up the footage andsee you the end result show you guys theend result yeah doesn’t take much andjust with time the pan will actuallyheat up even more and at some point youwouldn’t you would be waiting like halfof the time we have been waiting forthis one or for the first one I guessyeah you can basically pick how muchbrowning you like I feel like for thevery first one I’ll just leave it just abit more but otherwise this would havebeen the time where I just put anotherone and another one and you depth youdon’t really even need to make all ofthem I guess you can make that kind offive six of them I guess because thiskind of looks like five or six would beplenty and then the rest you can make intustin understand anyway so yeah justwhoa sorryjust have it like that yes you can seethe other side there it definitely alsolooks okayand yeah let’s uh speed up the footagesee you guys with the end results allright so one quick remark or sing aboutit it’s definitely not called trabajabaslava hobby it’s got actually aquafabamakes sense right fabric I think is thename of the beanshava beans and aqua is basically theirwater so good too good to know I guess Iknow it sounds sounds weird I like fetacheese with my pancakes don’t add me butyou can dress them however you likeright and I put some homemade jam aswell and yeah I gotta tell you likewhile cooking I actually tried a coupletimes and extra wise they’re just likegooey and kind of like crispy on theside and this one kind of broke apart onme and they tasted just like normalpancakes to be honest with youamazing I wouldn’t tell if somebodybecause there is always some variance tothank X right you can you don’t haveonly one type of flavor from Kirklandfor pancakesif not somebody basically didn’t tell methat they use fava beans water insteadof eggs I wouldn’t be able to tell youlike okay maybe the texture would havebeen different and I can see here Icould have cooked them a bit longer butjust tastes amazing so yeah those arehomemade pancakes pretty easy took melike I think under 10 minutes from thefirst time or from the first pancakethat I put on the pan until the last oneand another five minutes for mixing solike in under 15 minutes you can have afull 10 cake breakfast made out of favabean water instead of X that is prettyamazingso I guess that’s it for this video Ihope you guys found it entertaining anduseful if you have any other tips to usethis water with or anything and weirdlike that just post it in the commentsand yeah if you are not new to thechannel I occasionally do some foodstuff mostly the channel is revolvesaround tech technology programmingvirtual reality but like I said somesome cooking stuff as well if you likethat consider subscribing liking thevideo and yeah see you guys next timebye bye

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