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Ms Danielle making Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi friends Messina here today and todaywe have an activity we are going to makepancakes and I got this idea after Iread the book pancakes pancakes by EricCarle now in my house we just don’t haveregular fluffy pancakes we have funpenny pancakes so we’re gonna make it alittle fun tonightand this is also what we’re having fordinner because sometimes we do breakfastfor dinner in my house so let’s startI’m gonna turn my grill on here so thatit starts to warm up and it’ll be readyto cook our pancakes when it’s time okayso according to my recipe I need 2 cupsof funfetti pancake mixthere’s onehmm – now my ingredients is telling me Ineed to add one and a half cups my whisknow what makes our pancake a funfettipancake is that it has sprinkles on itand who doesn’t enjoy sprinkles andtheir pancakes now if you also want tobe creative you can add chocolate chipsto your pancakes I hear that’s fun somepeople like those one time I actuallymade my daughter banana chocolate chippancakes and she really liked though shethought those were yummy I just cut upfresh banana and added the chocolatechips and that seemed to be one of herfavorite pancakes I made one morning forbreakfast hey I’m gonna spray my griddleit’s nice and warm now got my scoop hereI’m going to scoop out some pancakesdo you hear this is all almost likethose candles rightnow kids you can help mommy and daddymix up these mix up the pancakes in thebowl well when it comes to cooking ityou might want to let mom or dad do thecooking part because these griddles canget a little warm and we don’t want youto get yourself you don’t want you toburn we’ll grab a plate from my cabinethere there we goso we are going to let these cook for alittle bit okay it’s now pot now it’stime to flip our pancakes over so we’reuh scoop them up with the spatula whatthem over nice golden brown you can’tsmell these but they smell like vanillacupcakes they smell really yummy okaylooks like our pancakes are done so I’mgonna scoop out a couple of pancakeshere on the plate and I’m gonna givethem to Izzy and she is gonna go eat herdinnermy friend Celia her

12 Replies to “Ms Danielle making Pancakes

  1. My goodness that would be fantastic. Probably with some bananas and PB. Awesome video!

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  4. Wow chef and more im officially ready to pay you to teach ansonia how to cook please lol

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