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How to make pancakes part 2

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Video Transcription

hello welcome back so before I interviewmy brother Lawrence Isle Beach I’mtalking the person with is that also onthe internet so I found mixing bakingand adding so the first question I’mgonna ask my brother is who taught youhow to make pancakes no one really Ilearnt it off the internet and stuffwith them okaydo you enjoy cooking the pain if my momtells me to do it Emily nah know what Iwant to do myself did I really enjoy itwhat awful processing method of cookingpancakes I don’t know but you said itlike a few minutes ago have you everbeen to Haiti the one time worth makingcorn how old are you when you startedcooking probably 10 did you enjoy mypancakeswe are though delicious have you evermade a mistake when you’re cooking likehave you set a timer wrong or do youfeel yeah when you make pancakes do youadd salt you add like half a teaspoon ofsalt okay do you know the processingmethod of off by heartNo

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