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Happy Mother’s Day ( Cook pancakes)

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Video Transcription

today we made some pancakes for Mother’sDay like I said on this Mother’s Dayhappy Mother’s Day to all the mothersout there sure we have mom cooking rightthere so happy Mother’s Day mom so sohappy Mother’s Day to you tooso we we made pancakes with my mom mysister helped me wait and my mom helpedme cookall right now it’s starting to lookpretty good so I’ll show you it rightnowvery nice we mixed it also looks likepeanut butter but it’s fineI made a Mother’s Day card so happyMother’s Day again to all of the mothersout there and it’s the first time my momwasn’t in a youtube video she’s rightnow cooking and I’m gonna help her cookso no no I wanted to do Ellen do knowwhat so to make pancakes you need onecup of pancake mix 1 egg what what is it3/4 cups milk 1 tablespoon of oil andyou have to mix it and then cook it for5 minutes I don’t know what 30 minuteshow long mom oK you’ve done with theresult now let’s watch markright now she no it’s not mom’s birthdaymom’s birthday is sitting six more daysso in septum or days guys I will I willpost the video because it’s my mom’sbirthday so it’s turn around she justwalking over there for no reasonI’m good go to the other side cuz she’son the other side right now my sisterthat’s my sister to help me she’s rightnow at the sink taking a blade for andthe pancake mix and it’s the first timeyou guys are in the kitchen or somethingit’s really allowed in the kitchensometimes but yeah so when mom iswalking around okay I’ll stop yeah Iwanted to do it don’t know I don’t postit I’ll just show it yeah I’m not so sheis right there guys I said YouTube soyeah I’m posting this my mom says no toeverything I do on YouTube I uhshe allows me to watching YouTube videosbut not post that if you see that ropethat that’s just for my dad’s breedingmachine so he can breathe so you can sayalive when he’s sleeping I don’t knowwhy he needed that maybe you can justsnore and if it’s not snoring he willDIY ieokay so so so they’re there they’regonna flip it soon and this is a threesix seconds later so they’re so she’sstarting to flip it it’s cooking I amokay I’ll surely YouTube itI’ll show you to bitch I’ll show you -oh how did I already look like a pancakemom are you cooked it did you cook it soso this is like it mom is this mom thefruity question of the day what do youdo on Mother’s Day that’s the thequestion of the day I just added a pointso we do one letter they will relax ifwe enjoy and watch some things forMother’s Day every yearokay I have to get out cuz the topyou’re gonna watch[Music]okay guys I will set this downI’ll get this so I can hold it okay soright here I’m filming up me at thetable starting to eat my pancakeso some reason I’m gonna show you ourtable right here is our table we eatdinner here and that is called anyone’syeah I watch we eat everything herebeginning you can follow me on it on Kiptalk which is um no e6I mean four three zero seven one one Ithink I don’t know I posted two videosthere but one is unposted I actuallycooked one video there it’s me throwingit up and catching it and then I’mtrying to balance it on my feet so goover there to your TED talk right nowyou have five seconds go to fall you goone twooh yes you followed it good job guyspretty good okay so uh later on you canevery Mother’s Day it’s Sunday today ourpool is open that’s a quick announcementand our pancake is here my sister ishaving my pancake um yeah okay well Ineed this room out so I can hold it nowwatching TV and just holding in orsomethingand it looks like the Titanic right nowhold on we show you it looks like theTitanic a little bit just to give thatyeah okay let me fix thisask my sister cents good is it goodJordan okay we’re good to gothis doesn’t work okay that now I’mgonna get chocolate chocolate chipsonline just like Jordans there’schocolate chips there’s mine[Music]bingo I don’t know try look go gochocolate chips onto their song oh good[Music]so mom how’s this muttered a day isgoing on yep I I got my mom noyou couldn’t eat this stock though withtheir with these J enjoyed an you can’teat just two chocolate either look atyour brother Duke thank you that wasamazingmy sister’s to fry baby sometimes[Music][Music][Music]whoops tears and pee okay guysmom can i that’s part rocket ships forme okay but you gotta eat themyou’re gonna eat their money yo mouththem[Music]so back up your sofa that’s onechocolate chips oh I got a reminder fromremind oh it’s my teacher he sayslicking all the moms and special womanhappy Mother’s DayI never appeared up when I was doing theYouTube video so I think the most viewsI got like online or my videos which isarmistead chanting checking them backcardboard video that I was like 30 yearssix viewsso this is the remaining piece I haveone more piece here so good you knowwhat the longest video ever I justripped the piece two pieces oh it’s myLing Ling it’s my teacher again youweren’t gonna chop them up yeah sure I’mgoing to chop them up your girl momshe’s like my waitermom are you like my waiter what yeahwell yeah I feel like my waitresschopped them milk shake it you only haveto shake chocolate mix before you drinkleave it open so I opened it rip when Ijust see the chocolate milk I just drinkit right away soyou got it’s the first modern days videoI ever posted I thought I so my momdoesn’t allow me to post videos when sheyeah I think I’ll take it from there umI think it okay okay I think I have tostop the video right here but if you butif you want more holiday hey gays smashthe like button right now but and alsomake sure to subscribe every two tosubscribe to unless every video by don’tdon’t forget smash these damn laps onevery video bye guys

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