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making pancakes!!!!!! (part 2)

in this vido I make pancakes with my couisoins.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

sorry about that guys I accidentallystopped recording but like we’re gonnashow you um the garage the bathroom andthe closet so yes we do house so this isit all right now we’re making our wayupstairs and let’s play see this is ourmath magic stairsyes I’m gonna look upstairsthis is the playroom where do you it’lllooking for the recipe this is playingMinecraft diamondsokay that’s the player okay everyonethis is my parents and bedroom wherethat me and I never sleep in Ella I likeyour feet were on my stomach last nightoh I was looking right over there yeahvery big owl nice very big bathroomWow lots of makeup because there waslike um very small and then here’s the closetwait the place is messier and you tookout all my squishies and it’s you kindof made a bigger mess withand you’re saying my room is a mess alittle because all of ya this is my bedand like stuff like that my dignityokay come on guys this is the laundryroom so nothing too fancy there’s anEllathis is the the kids bathroom smelly inhere yeah and then here’s my brother’sroomhis mother’s leg also he has a secrethideout place yeah noses well um this isa guest room okay okay that’s the endoh and here’s the office okay guys thatis the end of my house tour I hope youguys enjoyed my house tour yeah we noneed to see that’s mr. Dahmer oh we diditwalking yeah we show thumb okay guyshope you guys enjoyed this video if youdid smash that like button and we’ll seethe next onegoodbye silly face

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