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Hey guys! Welcome to another one of my videos! In this video, I will be doing another How To Cook video, or more of so, a How To Make video. And in this video, I will show you guys how to make pancakes with the pancake mix that I used in this video. It takes 2 minutes for the pancake to fry on one side and it also takes 2 minutes for it to fry on the other side. And BTW the pancake mix that I used is also a waffle mix that I can use to make waffles too. So, if this video gets 5 likes, I will show you guys how to make waffles using that mix, if I can. And btw, I bought the mix from Whole Foods and one time I bought it in Lassens. So if you guys wanna get the mix, it’s very likely to be in one of those stores.
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Video Transcription

[Music]my videos please subscribe to my channelsuppose notification so guys don’t wantI and uploading a new video please gofollow me on Instagram as wellmy user name is Ivan underscore keunderscore one but anyways today I’mgoing to be doing a video that I haven’tdone in a while I’m going to be doinganother how to cook video and a food sothat I’m gonna show you guys how to cookis pancakes well I mean it’s not reallycooking coz it’s a mix as you guys cansee but in a way it’s kind of cookingbut I’m just gonna show guys how to makepancakes right now so yeah let’s getthings startedoh and by the way guys this is kind ofthree twists you can increase the amountof pancakes you make it just depends onhow much ingredients you use them but inthis occasion I’m gonna show you guyshow to make seven pancakes so theingredients that you will need to makeseven pancakes are one cup of thispancake mix which is in this box3/4 cup of non aring milk and twoteaspoons of vegetable oil by the wayguys this is a gluten-free pancake mixin case you guys don’t you know Ithought that’s from Whole Foods orlasting so if you guys want to buy thispancake mix those are the stores willthey’ll be most likely to be at and plusI am allergic to gluten and I might haveallergic to dairy so this is kind of whybut let’s get things started so thefirst thing that we’reneed to do is pour 3/4 of this milk andto this into this measuring up righthere BAM and now I’m gonna pour it intothis cup right here let’s got some mixon my fingers hello[Music][Music][Music]and there gowe have about kind of one kind ofslightly more than one cup of it itshould be good enoughexactly vegetable oil but it’s just kindof about of oil but I don’t havevegetable oil so I guess do we do I meanthis is in a teaspoon either but it’sclose enough so I guess it’ll do allright so next thing to do is to pourthis milk[Music][Music]I was finallyalright guys how’d you put the bowl onthis chair over here because I thought Ibasically use the plugchoose this electric mixer and itcouldn’t reach it from when I visitedover there’s magic place right here cuzit could read you here but I’m gonnastart off this electric mixer and I’mgonna mix this because it’s the nextstep that you do should make us back I’mgonna time lapse okay okay so the nextstep is obviously to pour this into thisand then we’ll be race so right nowso first you need a pour oil on thisstop or too much oil just before youtake the mix and you put it right here[Music]according to the instructions on the boxit takes about two minutes for it to fryone side so I’m gonna wait two minutesand I’ll catch you guys after 2 minutesis up by the way guys this is not only apancake mix but it’s also a waffle mixso if this video gets 5 likes I’ll showguys how to make waffles out of this mixif I can that is so I believe 2 minutesis up so now what you do is flip thepancake over now let’s see is it ready[Music]right so basically do the same thingwith the other is basically do it’sbasically you basically do the samething that I just did I’m just gonna beredoing the same thing with the otherones so I don’t think I’ll be youfilming the rest of this and this isgood enough for to show you guys how tomake these pants for the next timetactics so I’ll catch you guys once Imake all seven pancakes alright guys soI just finished making the pancakes herethey are so beautiful choice let’s seehow these taste mmmenough it tastes pretty good also guys Ifound the reason why I messed upis because I put the fire too high so ifyou so if you guys want to bake the makethat hi Keeks which room is your body noturn off go far a little bit like makethe fire a little bit calm but otherthan that hope you guys did enjoy hopethis video was helpful don’t forget toleave a like and subscribe and follow meon instagram as well my journey was Evanunderscore K underscore one but other ofthatI’ll see us all next time[Music]

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