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How to Make the Easiest Vegan Pancakes | Tama Cooks

Dear vegan Youtube person,

I have encountered the tastiest of us all. The vegan pancake full of nutritious sweetness. Not only does Mischis face look undoubtedly similar to our round flat creme coloured friend, but it tastes surely at least as good! Observe me making the easiest pancakes in this world.

I hope one day you will find your true pancake love. I have.

See you soon,

Pancake lover

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi I’m in my kitchen and today he willmake vegan pancakesI make the easiest pancakes you canthink of because I’m a bit lazy I don’tlike to spend a lot of time I don’t liketo spend a lot of thinking so I makereally easy pancakesthere’s not much you have to have for itonly flour sugar baking powderplant-based milk some margarine insteadof butter that’s it these pancakes areso easy because I don’t measure anythingI just put everything together and thenI look for the right consistency wait ah[Music]it’s correctly pronounced and theconsistency well it depends on how youlike your pancakes if you want them tobe a thin the consistency should berather than this well or if you wantyour pancake to be thick you should lookfor a thick consistency in your batter Iwill just throw everything in there andthen I steer itdidn’t want to alter[Music]I’m not even sure if we need this butterI found it’s a nice nice thing to addfor the taste but if this will make itbetter we see it’s so soft[Music]it’s just a little bit too thick so thisis the nice part now if it’s too thickwe just add more milk and that’s your itagain this is still too thick[Music]syllogistic and if it’s too thin youjust add more flour until you find theright consistency it’s all aboutconsistencyisn’t that right now we’re ready tostart baking them in the panfinding the right temperature for yourpancake if you make the pan too hot youcannot turn it because the upper part isstill just liquid and it will be muchharder to turn the pancake so we’retrying to reach the right temperaturewhen it’s not too hot but also not toocold so perfectly banks something youjust have to try out usually your firstor second pancake will not turn out thatwell if you don’t know the righttemperature after that it’s going to begood[Music]not each pancake turned out perfectly interms of shape still I think they willbe tasty that’s it for today with Tamacooking enjoy your pancakes and see youlater

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