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Video Transcription

hello eeeh we’re back in the kitchentoday and we’re not cooking a dinner weare cooking a dessert well we’re nottechnically cooking because this is it’sstore-bought so what we have are wegonna make it into a my pancake so justto get off my mind stress things andtoday let’s get some okay done it’llneed a toaster because as red these aretoasted these are very flimsy pancakesthey’re easy to break so be very carefulwhat you’re gonna do is you’re gonna putthem in your toaster recherche guys ifyou’re littlebe careful while you’re nervous stuff soyou’re gonna put it on for at least aminute or two so which I’ve got my timerright on the other side of my finger toyou so leave them to toast for a minuteso we’ve got the dial on so we can wehave to counsel because that secondnumber it’s on and number six minutes soI just need to wait until two minutesand twenty have popped up and as wellalthough you know it’s like you feelover top but just do it high so afterlike 56 seconds you’re gonna pop them uptest them they will need more time and20 more secondstimes ticking times ticking time timesticking times ticking all all the timethere let’s plot P back you might not beable to do my face windows but you don’thave to be able to see everything elseso we’re gonna get amazing yeah we cangently take out your hot pancakes and ifyou if you like I have to say aboutseven eight nine ish make sure huddlenow that I’m hiding 11 soon so it’s youhave to be quite efficient with it sothen they don’t crumble and break thiswould cause it to be nice smoothtaste the texture so what we’re gonna dowith this one we’re gonna leave it tothe side to put on a queen servicesurfaceI’m gonna do spread nicely and finallyspread and by the way guys this could bewith whatever topping you want you mightjust not have a chocolate you might justhave it plainthat with that we’re gonna maybe youguys do this we’re gonna use do that andyou get a sprinkle sugar there so youcan just write lightly see it then whatyou’re gonna do with your other pancakeyou get a nicely and gently place it ontop we’re gonna get some more chocolatespreadSmith[Music]we’re gonna scrape and if you want withthe up strap yeah and then with yourlast step you’re obviously gonna get anew sprinkle of sugar sugar on thepancake is mess unnecessary so you don’thave to if you want to so very deliciouslet me tell you now let’s cut itthese can be like mini slices ofdelicious and as you can tellgot a nice delicious slice of pancakethe best bit sponsor is a sugar-freeMeijer gives it more creamy sugarytexture and as well amazing presentationI have to say pretty good forcoming down below if you guys would liketo see more dessert cooking videos ifyou docomment down below what church you wantme to make because I would make them gomy this even way is open Nutella whatyou’re making it less dry this guys I’mfilming there’s my sister from if youremember the taste track taste testingthings we’d like to show you a lessonyou couldn’t you know flies did not knownot just about a nose blister she’s notwanting to show them what that was Ienjoyed the pancake video but y’all yousee

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