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Pancake Art Challenge (Learn How to Make DIY Pancakes)

Today we have the SQUAD PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!! You’ll learn to make your own DIY Poop Emoji Pancake and Spongebob Pancake… This DIY Pancake Challenge was so much FUN!!


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ENJOY! #TeamRohzz



Outro Music : S-X – Always Wrong (Official Audio)

This video is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be taken seriously. I just create videos for fun to make my fans laugh. Don’t try these crazy challenges at home either. Just ENJOY!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

alright guys sir um I have an I don’tthink it’s gonna break I know it’s[Music]really a pancake on the calendar thatwas popular a few years back what aboutwe’ve got a bunch of different thingsthat we’re gonna make with the pancakebatter and we’re gonna do another pinand first off it started with all rightguys your time starts now wait a secondyep um you can do the black[Music][Music]some sort of way vamos XFR what they’rebasing off that that’s what they’rebasing it off guys[Music][Music]oh yeah what’d you do wine in their eyesI messed up what it is is it’s up to thefilling stage[Music]pretty good actually[Music][Music]this is this is the other[Music][Music][Music]- time for me to put all this adviseaccomplished a carriage to sleep hope sothat looks goodoh yeah I told you already[Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay[Music]Oh[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]this is madness this is like this thething kids have nightmares aboutvampires perform that test alone oh mygosh sir looks like that looks likeyou’d seen it myself ready you have tosee what you look like when you couldn tbro this is my spongebobthis is every spongebob all right sowhat it looks like when but this is thisis the artworks with false alarms forthe cover off Oh[Music]of living classes no you finish this[Music][Music] house at the back[Music][Music]it’s gonna break people on YouTube makeit look so easy but it’s really not Ican promise you it’s not over at leastwe can just make ours Ohit’s really not guys just don’t never dothis it’s really the pain and if you diethe people walking fear don’t do itbecause it’s a lot of effort alrightguys so this round is round three[Music]Oh[Music][Music][Music]I really[Music][Music]what are we doing with our lives[Music][Music][Music][Music]I made a mistake coz if you’re gonnaleave a face whiteit’s gonna blend in with the eyes[Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m gonna eat mine here we go I got anegg oh that’s so good she’s nice[Music]get out of it yeah some of it will theydo a freestyle wrong thanks rodwe’re all about having a good forfreestyle wrong pass all of us will bakeup freestyle wrongit is a speed I just I’m just eatingpancakes that I didn’t think maybeokay guys is it ready[Music][Music][Music]coupons better guys coming out on hisclouds better Roberts will have thisjacket my honest yeah you’re gonna haveto get your package out how you how youokayit’s gonna break see the break guys minegonna break[Music]hey how about honesty okay this is Garyum big I this creepy Carl just spokebeaver dad Roger ever but that looks bethe way the twice and also to look good[Music]white will run to one round three headedand last one running positive you allfor bus final round is we’re going to bedoing a free forum we have this dad atthat and we’ll be making our ownpancakesyeah you guys and I have this all rightguys like you guys not see who made whatat the end of the video after you comingdown below who you think make one who’sbell mobility and also to a guest[Music]okay guys we got be using this cake thatwe’re gonna be seen to make the best[Music][Music]one cup okay I’m not gonna shush[Music]okay I’m up with it[Music]that[Music]we go[Music]she made that bow tieoh boy[Music]every guy for the freestyle round we gotto replace this is the Wanderers loaderthis is Gordon or herring spider-manthis is gone wrong Australian flag sircan you guys coming up with a you thinkdip each one and our to play guys allright guys this is my youtube logoI quit his YouTube logo so we can eat itand everyone is watching from subscribeto the channelluckily subscribe to that forgot to doit on 4 for this video so yeah I’ll tryright here but guys I really have bigfriends with you guys a few thingsdidn’t go to plan I do try to like do afew things didn’t work properly stillgood plan just twisted curves do herstuff so it didn’t work exactly whatthey do but it’s still kind of wet tohow we plan to repair about eight ornine only a dozen recipesjabberin veterans leave and if you didgo down there and smash that like buttonand push her and open up with a videoideas new works routine because thepacket our idea was a quite a good ideait was an old friend but I was somethingback woohoo they just did work as wellas was long ago sir yeahmmm but I really do it would be reallygood like guys thanks so much watchingthe IP Rose you guys have been awesomethen here goes being on with the videosand I will see you guys peace[Music][Music]body positivity

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