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How to make the best pancakes (with cheese,ham, tomatoes, sweetcorn and herbs)

Cook the best pancakes

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Video Transcription

hello guys today I’m gonna show you howto prepare this amazing pancakes I’mgonna show exactly how I do itenjoy we’re gonna need plain flourcheese sweet corn two eggs one tomatoyou can take tomato ketchup as well soor just mix together a little bit of hamand milk also we’re going to need 3spoons of sugar and a little bit of saltnormally I don’t measure anything justpour everything by eye you know justjust a little bitjust about so we are adding two eggswell that sir salt that’s it and mix nocheck if you make is good we’re gonnatake a spoon and just see like that it’stoo liquid like water don’t need to puta little bit more flourthis one’s about right[Music][Music][Applause][Music]now we’re gonna mix all togethertomatoes sweet corn and little bit helps[Music][Music][Music]yeahonce you turn we oppose cheese just onesliceit’s going to be more pasted integerslet’s be a little bit Brownit’syou prepare anythingthat’s perfect punky okay bellissimookay guys if this video hits 1,000 likesI promise I’m gonna make another videomaybe I’m gonna kick in or you knowsomething something Stacy subscribe tomy channel smash the like button belowand enjoy your life[Music]

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