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Video Transcription

I’ll get to do this too doggie pancakesokay so let me go ahead and stop justcamera somewhere so you can seeeverything that we’re going to doingwe’re gonna be using this doggie cutterI mean makes it so up just outward whatthis pancake mix inside of here oh waitpancake mix and skillets pancakes okayyou gonna make in a bowl combine a mixokay so we need a bowl mix until smoothhigh hurdle or pan on[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you better nice the right hand your faceand I gotta wait worse so when I jumpedabout the cage I’m cleaning for victimso you[Music]okay there’s my little big bunny whywon’t you play I live in ain’t notelling what I want to get you back andthere ain’t no you what I made becausethey know[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m trying to map you like I won’t tellyou people with me keep still want youto help me change speaking on my pantsbecause I’m trying to lose that timelike babies and the game for real wedidn’t bust and megabytebig money[Music]oh you what I made because think I knowno time I ain’t trying to make you madbut if a happy there’s my eyeliner cheatyour eye over the time[Music][Music]we are difficult because the other Iwasn’t going so yeah we basically okayokayso um we’re gonna hit y’all we’re gonnahit y’all up when we get done yet withthe first I’m like isn’t really tryingout how we feel how we wanted it to turnout but it’s whatever okay y’all so yeahand I was about to go alright this had afirst pancake check download black andbrown Ohoh that shake is goodwelcome back one night we got like willbe basically done with the pancakesthey’re moving on to the bacon okay alsoy’all like my pancake well I did not dothis Kendu actually make this and shemade that one especially with the lettersize is hard to know when it holy moly[Music][Music][Music]okay we got us a little black and brownhello oh my god gives me to be the homeafter like them enough less probablymaybe gooh you couldn’t know yeah come on don’tthis is like the best pancake actuallygot a tongue in an eyeball we’re nowdown oh you can see the top is pickingme we need to make him go make some upmake some know why I do this okay hereyou goyeah cuz he got it back down making someokay okay so we got a polka dot it nowwhere’s the total Oh like I’m veryconfused Milesi I see them progress ony’allbut[Music][Music][Music]so we are done with our food – pancakesand bacon – baby’s back so I mean itturned out good but it’s what we got butwe got so you’re not she about to gohome after she get done you know no mymom no checking it out no she’s takingnap it took about three hours to sleepso it’s like if I ate eight also we got[Music][Applause]

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