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Kimchi Pancake. How to make the most delicious and simple kimchi pancake.

Kimchi Pancake. How to make the most delicious and simple kimchi pancake.
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1 cup of kimchi with onions, carrot and spring onion
1 cup of flour
3 tbs sugar
Quater cup water
Vegetable oil

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome to today’s video it’sbeen about two years since I uploaded itwhile today I’m going to be makingkimchi pancake I freshly made kimchiyesterday’s has been about a day so thisis that I’m going to add my kimchi herelet me show you my kimchi I addedvegetable to my kimchi so we need abouta cup of kimchi I’m not going to measureso I let me just I’m just going toeyeball ders I also have some onions andcarrots in here yeah I think this isenough and then I have a cup of flourall-purpose flour I’m not going to useall this way I have sugar here one andI’m going to add about a quarter cup ofwater to this and mix if you need akimchi water you can use that okay soguys this is what I had when I tastedthat sugar was knowing now so I added adustingso let’s move to up crying yeah yeah Ihave my saucepan my frying pan on mediumheat as you can tell with my oil youneed something to allow the oil to heatup and then we are going to fry itI think the oil is ready now some grainsof sugar steamplease let it work sometimes when Ifight kimchi pancakes they end uptearing and messing up so I’m justhoping and praying I get to rise thistime you know that’s why I’m using anonstick panso I have I’m using about fivetablespoons of oil close to sixtablespoons yeah and the reason why Idid not add freshly chopped onions isbecause I already had onionsCarl’s green pepper in my food if youdon’t have that I can add freshlychopped onions and all those extrathings children’s allowed us to fireuntil kritsky you can hear the sound ofthe being Crips two organs I flippedthis WowI actually flipped it off camera becauseI thought a watch Ben yes doesn’t itlook amazing the middle part was gettinga little advanced by managed to keep itsafe I can’t wait to enjoy this you caneat it with soy sauce a little soy sauceon the side which has some greenpertaining that so maybe onions in itArtesia let’s wait till this gets doneand I’m going to serve in my pride splitwow this is smelling good kimchi not avery nice namethis is done wow this is really done solet me turn off the heat because youdon’t want to pain thisWow this is my kimchi pancake let’s seethe under Wowso nice so nice nice nice nice niceso thank you guys so much for watchingplease like and subscribe and enjoy mykimchi pancake which almost governs inthe metal pads by doesn’t matter thankyou so much please follow me oninstagram at ESS IE and nine three threetwo

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