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How to make protein pancakes? A must see

Protein pancakes made of organic ingredients. You can treat yourself and not feel guilty and get your gains💪

2 scoops of protein
2 eggs
3-4 table spoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
2 handfuls raisins or sultanas(few minutes soaked in hot water)
2 bananas
6 large table spoons self raising white flour (preferably gluten free)
250ml almonds milk
Vegetable oil for cooking
Served with jam and natural yogurt

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Video Transcription

hello guys today we were making pancakesthe protein well we were making Cristinamy wife was making it and I was justsupervising poppy seeds if you have anyfood and protein – bananas – usually weuse three from operation Wow so pleaseand fine flour okay all ingredientsgoing to be listed below that startmaking[Music][Music]so with everyone and everyone knows howyeah heyokay the bat ball faster likes a littlebit one whole ass that’s it hope yourchildren will like it definitely as well[Music]so nice yeah really good let me know howyou get get on please comment leave usyour feedback you collect it now for meit’s time to go and enjoy pancakes

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