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How to make Potato Pancakes | உருளைக்கிழங்கு அப்பம் | Samaiyal Swarangal Tamil

This video explains how to make potato pancakes at home easily without eggs.

– Potatoes – 2 medium size
– Big Onion – half
– Green Chilies – 3
– Coriander leaves
– Oil – half a cup
– Salt
– Pepper Powder
– Besan flour or any flour (1 or 2 table spoons)

1. Peal potato skin & Scramble potatoes
2. Chop the onion,chrlies & Coriander
3. Put them in a mixing bowl
4. Mix gently
5. Add Slat & Pepper powder
6. Add Besan flour little by little and mix well
7. Add 1 table spoon of water and mix gently (Note: Potatoes & Onion will release water naturally so less amount of water is enough)
8. Heat 11/2 tbl sp of oil in a pan
9. Put the Potato batter & Cook for 2 mins
10. Turn it over & cook for 2 mins
11. Repeat until the pancakes are cooked, Crispy & Golden brown.

Original of the video here

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