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Pancakes show acid-base reactions. Tim helped cook!

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Video Transcription

so we are here to talk about what acidsand bases right yeah when I say activewhat is the first thing you think oflike battery acid right because we’vehad the batteries with the crusty whiteon them and we always tell you that theacid can hurt your hands right do youremember that yeah okay so this what isthis do you know what this is it’s lemonjuice is lemon juice an acid or a basedo you know this it is an acid that’swhat makes it salad but then I realizethat you could touch ityou can there are mild acids and there’sreally strong acids this is a mild acidhere taste it it’s sour and that’spartly because of the acid that’s in ita base is something you like but youknow it’s out no do you know what thisis this is baking soda okay and a bakingsoda is a base now taste taste the basejust a tiny bit is that taste sour mmmit tastes saltyyeah and that’s because it’s sodiumbicarbonate there’s other kinds ofbabies but this one happens to be a saltbase okayso what happens when you mix an acid anda base together do you know it fizzesyes does it why does it fist you knowbecause they react together and theymake bubbles they do an acid and a basealways produces carbon dioxide and waterand a salt usually okay so you can havepotassium salts and calcium salts andall kinds of things but these bubblesare carbon dioxide you know carbondioxide is no it’s the air that youbreathe out you breathe in a whole bunchof air you use the oxygen and you exhalecarbon dioxide so it’s not a toxic gasnormal gaseous everywhere basically Iso basically when I smooth this and I’mbreathing in like stuff that comes frommy body sort of carbon dioxide is usefulfor plants plants take in carbon dioxideand give off oxygen you happen to useoxygen air is made up of carbon dioxideoxygen nitrogen helium and a whole bunchof other gases but all those bubblesthat these produce we are gonna use toput bubbles in our breakfast you knowwhat that is okay so this is flour andsalt and sugar that’s all it is we needto add three teaspoons of this do youknow what this is this is baking powdernow baking powder is unique because ithas both the acid and the base in it atthe same time all we have to do is actyes you can go ahead and scoop it up nookay hold on stop we’re gonna use thelip no scoop it up now look we’re gonnause the lid in the old can it used tohave a spot to do that so go ahead andput that in there okay that’s one canyou give me two more of those okay momlet’s scrape it off yeah that’s two okayso this is going to make the bubbles inour breakfast scooped up one more okaythree perfect now we need to add thisthis is milk one cup of milk and alittle bit of vanilla can you put thatin there one whole cup yepnow is milk an acid or a base she knowsit is a base you’re right I’m crackingit for me put that in thereI need my speed need to be well yeahyour sleeves need you they rolled upgreat crack that in there boo trying toget any shell in there okay let’s getall the egg up there you go now I’lltake this okay and I’m gonna give youthis to wipe off your handsgood job now can you stir that up for mestir that up okay so is it makingbubbles yet no no it’s not cuz it’s allbasic together no because our bakingpowder has an acid and a base in it butthis particular acid and base reactionneeds Heat and that’s what we’re gonnause our drill for yeah we can if we wantto add a little bit of extra bubble adda half a teaspoon of baking soda and ateaspoon of lemon juice and this makesit a little bit more like a buttermilkpancake he’s got a little bit more acidin it oh look my brother bulls see somebubbles in there okay mix it up quickquick now we’re gonna add some butteryeah you want to pour this for me yeahyou can’t pour it slowly slowly slowlyslowly okay now do you know what thebutter is gonna do you know make ittaste yummy okay dump it all in thereokay this is a little bit thick so I’mgonna add a tiny bit of water okay justa little bit of water okay and now we’regonna scoop it up and put it on thegriddle you want to help me with thatand we will watch for our acid-basereaction that sound like a good planokay so here’s your scoop now the firstthing we’re going to do is grease thisgriddle this is hot so be careful okaygo ahead and scoop the scoop on itokay scoop up some more put it in adifferent place oh can they make a lilytiny one sure just like a drop Oh Ohcareful don’t get it everywhere hold onthere no pancake I’m too tiny you can’tflip side okay so hey let’s pour thatone we have all kinds of fun shapesdon’t like that’s like cannonyeah wait I want to make a heart I don’tknow if you can hear can I help you withyour heart oh look at that that looksgood I like it I think we need a littlebit more on there though so let’s dothat now while we are busy making ourheart what happened to our first pancakeit it has stopped bubbling well arethere bubbles in there well yes there isbut we’re not bubbles coming from arethe bubbles because it’s boiling no nothe bubbles are that acid base reactionall right all right we’ll keep makingmore bubbles come on bubbleshoney pies okay so are you starting tosee these little bubbles in here arethese and these bubbles are from ouracid-base reaction so we’re gonna flipthis over and watch what happensWow see if you watch the edges of it itstarts to lift and that’s cuz the otherhalf of the raw dough is now gettingthat bubbly acid-base reaction and it’sgonna start to lift and puff maybe it’skind of an old spot on the grill hold onalright t-man so I have here a finishedpancake it looks terrible you see allthese little holes it’s letting allthose little holes come from that was ahorrible accidentreaction yeah taste it how’s it tastehot and hot is it good all right mrs.comforts class happy breakfastenjoy your science lesson bye

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