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Making the Viral Tik Tok Pancake Cereal Recipe !!


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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to my channel ifyou’re new here go click that subscribebutton and turn your post notificationboss so you know when I post a new videoso today as you guys can tell by thetitle I’m going to be making the famousviral tick tock that is going aroundright now it is called pancake cerealif you guys don’t know what that isthere are many pancakes I would sayabout like a quarter size in shapethey’re just mini pancakes that I’mgoing to cook just like regular pancakesand I put them in a bowl with syrup andthey’re hauling that pancake cereal soobviously you guys know me I have to tryeverything out that I see that is thenew this looks good and anything mini is10 times better in my opinion I thinkanything mini is 10 times better andit’s cuter so why not try to make it youcan make the pancake batter from scratchbut I’m not going to do that today I’mtaking the easy way out it’s the sameexact thing all I have is pancake mixright here and all I need to do is addwater and I have a little squeeze bottleif you don’t have a squeeze bottle atyour house you can literally do it witha ziploc bag all you have to do is putthe pancake mix in a ziploc bag and cuta little hole in the ziploc bag and thenyou squeeze it out from there and that’spretty much it it works the same exactway so if you don’t have sweet ballsdon’t waste money if your visit looklike and that works as well so yeah I’mjust gonna show you guys pretty much howto make the pancake cereal so if youwant to watch that stay tuned okay guysso we’re you’re going to needto do first is get some paint picnicsyou could take a spoon whatever justgoing to grab some pancake mix and Idon’t measure you guys can measure ifyou want but I kind of just eyeballeverything so I’m just gonna takehowever much I think I need so I havethis much pancake batterand I’m just going to eyeball the wateras well I’m not going to put too muchbut I don’t want it to be doughy like soI’m just gonna eyeball it and see howmuch I need[Music]so that’s a way to think already you cantell that it’s like Joey almost so youdon’t want that to be the consistencyyou want to be almost a little bitliquidy so I’m just going to keep addingwater[Music][Music][Music]and if you make it too liquidy as afellow if you’re adding too much wordyou can always just put more pancakebatter in to even it out and make it theconsistency you want but I think this ispretty good for me so this is theconsistency I’m looking for it’s alittle bit thick but it’s not too thickand it’s still watery so I’m gonna goahead and transfer that into my squeezebottle[Music][Music]okay so I’m just going to go ahead andstart by putting butter all around thepan because you don’t want it to stickI’m going to be using real butterbecause I don’t have um I don’t have thespray butter if you have the spraybutter you can do that as well you wantto make sure your pan is nice and hotand I’m going to spread it everywhere[Music]and I’m also using an offset spatulabecause it’s going to be easier to flipthe pancake since they’re mini so I’mjust going to be using a little minioffset spatula[Music][Music]so I’m gonna go ahead and let thepancakes cook when pancakes are ready tobe flipped they’re going to be bubblingall around the top so when the pancakesall have bubbles on them then I’m gonnago ahead and flip it with my offsetspatula and I’m gonna show you guys whatit looks like and I’m also going to beputting it in a bowl because obviouslyit’s pancakes cereal so it’s gonna go ina bowl and then when it’s all ready I’mgonna show you guys what it looks like[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so you guys are just gonna go ahead andrepeat the process with all the minipancakes and put it in a bowl when youguys are done so I’m going to go aheadand do all the pancake batter mix andI’m going to show you guys what it lookslike after okay guys so this is what thepancakes cereal came up came out to looklike it’s so cute so just so you guysknow you can make these pancakes howeveryou want I just decided to make my planetoday and put butter and syrup on it butif you want you can make funfettipancakes all you do is add somesprinkles you can make cinnamon pancakesat cinnamon you can make banana pancakeschopped up bananas really smallchocolate chip chopped up mini chocolatechips small and it’s to your liking sotoday I just decided to do some butterwith some Syrah so I’m just gonna goahead and show you guys how I finish itoff and give it the final touch okay soI’m just going to put the last piece ofbutter on top and then I’m just going toput its own syrup on it[Music]that’s how you make pancake cereal sothis is what it looks like with somebutter in syrup so good fish of yourletter it tastes like pancakes andthey’re mini so how cute is that allright guys so this is the end of mypancake cereal if you guys like thisvideo give it a thumbs up comment downbelow what else you guys want to seefrom me and if you are new to my channeldon’t forget to click that subscribebutton get me to 200 subscribers guysI’m almost there yeah guys that’s aboutit so thanks for watching[Music]


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