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How to make pancakes with bananas part1 2020-3-10

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Video Transcription

[Music]be more careful during mixing so[Music]you’d put leader texture when you mixyeah you didn’t wash your hands you lookat you the washing upJeremy forgot you sense it’s okay just Ialready washed my hands so they don’t wemight use their hands to mix it bitsyou to keep on mixing so that after thepowder can mix and you can also try toadd a bit of warm water actually don’treally remember two steps oh yeah but Iremember no it’s part of the gradientswe make it a bit thick you can add theegg we also gonna put bananas yeah ifyou want it yeah she don’t so we havesome bananas here so yeah it’s optionalyou don’t need to mess with bananas butif you want to yeah you can just sweepeverything dispatcherI heard ambulance sounds just a wholenight so and I can’t even sleep by no Ithree or four and okay that’s what I putyour ingredients on the sideMarkham take one NICU only an adult theone inc you’re gonna put it inside yepokay so it’s gonna be a big companywater it looks like it will take a whileto mix and we’ll come back to you afterwe finish

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