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How to make pancakes with bananas part 5 2020-3-10

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Video Transcription

to the last one yeah my biggest one andI’ll show you my signature and therelook so look over here there’s aheartbeatyeah and you always see him like[Music]slope is Lester dog sugaryeah[Music]we don’t know a lot of cooking termyou can win you’re also gonna come outtoday so a lot of videos there anythingto the wind is happy yesterday it’sstill dark like look we didn’t return onthe lights outside yeah yeah it doesSunday sexy just rude this woke up wowso dark and I want to translate my eyesfirst bananabut it’s the first bananasoh yeahto make it look yummyI think those are beautiful I let me tryto it yes I saw that I smell itI smell the sugary smellwe cannot cook for long words bananasare gonna meltthey are meltablerightthis I’m gonna put aside because youcannot actually fit overthis is goodwho you see that creamy thingsI smell it even thoughwhat’s the phraseyeahoh this one Oh like honeynow can you better put those thoseyeah I can’t be that man so what is Isizzling you betterokay so hereJeremy has to go get to shoot okay sothe first time donethere you go that’s a bit of bird thisis perfect just[Music]that’s okayI made this recipe myself and I promisePedram yeah[Music]whoops that was a mistake we’re gonnapick it up laterthis is actually really nice nicebananasI know sugary stuff videos[Music]and see not the whole students so that Iknow how much that sucksall right let’s get ready[Music]

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