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wowwww! Easy pancakes 2020 | Tom Mister

100g plain flour
2 large eggs
300ml milk

1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil, plus a little extra for frying

wedges, to serve (optional)
caster sugar, to serve (optional)

Put 100g plain flour, 2 large eggs, 300ml milk, 1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil and a pinch of salt into a bowl or large jug, then whisk to a smooth batter.

Set aside for 30 mins to rest if you have time, or start cooking straight away.

Set a medium frying pan or crêpe pan over a medium heat and carefully wipe it with some oiled kitchen paper.

When hot, cook your pancakes for 1 min on each side until golden, keeping them warm in a low oven as you go.

Serve with lemon wedges and caster sugar, or your favourite filling. Once cold, you can layer the pancakes between baking parchment, then wrap in cling film and freeze for up to 2 months.

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Video Transcription

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my beard andstuff because like everything that’s badleg gets I’m freshly trimmed thismorning you know like every like erranterrant like beard hair like is so muchmore apparent when they when the theoptics are better in fact it’s notreally pointed correct but what are yougonna do are you able to place thecamera further away maybe on a tripodthis one now really this one kinda needsto stay where it is because otherwise itcatch too much of the kitchen I need tobe in your face so anyway everyone thinkfor the host I need to make some coffeecuz you you guys like in your Saturday Ididn’t have anything better to do todayother than like right coating ourgranules and can develop gluten and makethese things tough but I don’t knowsince I use pastry flour in this anywayI’m not too worried about it there’s alot less gluten in here than there wouldnormally be what what’s the number again8 to 12 grams is with op all-purposeflour is 8 to 12 grams of flour per cupis all-purpose flour and then pastryflour is something like 3 to 5 so it’slike hat like half the amount of proteinthat looks perfect here’s another thing- I’ve goofed up before in doing an eggwhite leavened batter or cake orsomething like thatby making a really stiff base mixturethat I that I then fold egg whites intoif you do that they just deflate itdoesn’t work this has to be loose forthis to work by the way all thosebubbles there are thanks to our bakingpowder is a spoon better spoon forkspatula would be nice all those thingsare good okay let’s do this all rightI’m gonna go ahead and mute because thisdoes tend to get kind of loud but enjoythe music for a momentchunker’s with a mixer that has abillion unnecessary ports and suchprobably not there’s a company called goXLR that just came out with a productlast year I think or maybe the yearbefore then it’s like totally aimed atthe streamer market and it seems like agood product I know I’m not usually abig fan of like startup kind of stufflike a house feel like there’s no newideas under the Sun but to be honest Ithink their product is a good one andthey have like a like a big chunkyexpensive version and then like alighter version they don’t that doesless stuff the one downside to it isthat it only has one mic input whichmight be a deal-breaker for me I mightneed to how cool would it be to havelike proper like nobody has done afull-on cooking show that has stereosound on certainly on TwitchI imagine that they’ve done in studiosbut do it on Twitch so that you couldactually hear me moving around in mykitchen you know what’s gonna give youASMR tingles aren’t you excitedhi Steve alright we got a cup and a halfof regular ol all-purpose flour hang ona second I could probably make thisbetter couldn’t that if I use cake flourfor this it would probably be better allright all right you put the 1/2 cup inthere so we’ll go with that but I’m alsogonna put a full cup ofI also have right here go XLR isn’t foreveryoneinteresting what should tell me moreabout about your your position on that Iknow some people who have them a couplepeople and they’ve both been extremelyhappy with them so far kit bogie usesone that’s one of the one of the thingsin his chain just greatit’s about a half cup it’s also probablyworth mentioning that since this is cakeflour it doesn’t really have a problemwith this camera that apparently is acommon problem with this m6 and that’sthat it wants to turn its display offwhich means the thing that you see every30 minutes so I’m gonna have to eithertouch the camera like touch a button onit just to reset that timer or crap notcrap I’m gonna have to figure out a asolution for it it has like a Wi-Fithing I might be able to hack it withthat I don’t know alright so there we goare we using chakra no no no no alrightthis is why you do the separation methodI don’t know I decided yeah what we’regonna do for this chips inside of aJapanese pancake would be a little bitquestionable because I have a feelingthey would just fall right to the bottomas it was cooking you’d end up with athick layer of chocolate at the bottomyou just like a pancake on top of itwould not be as good alright these gottagoso the reason I have to do that forthose of you who are are not familiarwith whipping egg whites if you get evenlike a small drop of egg yolk or reallyany kind of fat inside your egg whitesthat you’re trying to whip up it’llcause them to deflate like they’ll neverwe’ll never really get to their fullvolume if they whip up at home it’sreally a shamedo this with one hand the safe way Ithink you can disable that I thinkyou’re wrong I cracked this one – hangon a second can I keep it separate aslong as I can keep the yolk frombleeding out we’re in business theydon’t get as much egg white okay thatone’s good well actually I should havesaved that huh – so said stiffI gotta suck it hey gun whoops I justclick the button and windows is about todo something I don’t want it to do ohwell was tricky okay nice more hand workneeded to go stiff ah wait I can’trespond to dick jokes either can i thisis gonna be fun all rightnow we need to integrate these two bythe way northeast slicker hello sorry Iwas reading Chadha but just didn’t havea chance to respond good enough okay allrightnice hair Thanks very hot now I feellike definitely too hot actually so I’mgonna back off the heat on that andmaybe just maybe just give it a littlewave just cool it down puppy ball screamyeah why don’t I put that at medium Iknow better than thathang on his leg we gotta cool this downmore this medium is way too hot Japanesepancakes cook it at very low heat yeahlook at that that’s like super hot whenwhen the water skitters around on thetop it’s so much hotter than if it justimmediately evaporates because of aleaden frost effect somebody check me onthat name it’s that effect that likelet’s let’s like you know people likewalk on hot coals and stuff they walk onhot coals because the moisture on theoutside of their skin but they’reusually sweating turns into steam andthey don’t get directly burn becausethere’s like this little pad of steam inbetween their feet and the really reallyhot coals leaden frost effect that’swhat it isthe stream cut out he’s talking aboutleaden frost yes I’d love a hyperliteral Super Bowl stream like all sortsof food served in boats do wait did I dothatno I didn’t do that yet I think I hadthat idea last year I didn’t do it allright so there’s our butter which I’mnow going to wipe out and you probablyasked you why the hell you wiping it outdummy it’s because that butter is therefor one specific purpose it’s not reallyto add flavor it’s to fill in small tinymicro micro scopic holes in the pan andI know this is a Teflon pan so theydon’t have very big holes but there’sholes in there that’s for sure that’swhat she saidall right and you goextremely fluffy and I’m I’m thinkingI’m over filling that so I’m gonna usethe bear yes I did hear it go off but itneeds another moment or two so we’regonna give it a second put this cooktopin the right spot can’t vote on that Ilike the middle ground what’s the middlegroundso like slightly runny I’d say if youlike slow crap I think I just put a holein like monitor I probably should becareful with knives whoo-hoo we saidthat I wouldn’t if it should have sharpobjects this is clearly an oversightsomewhere all right sunny-side up under20 degrees Celsius that is very very hotthat Dalton that’s very very hot allright let’s uh let’s do like two orthree of these little slabs of BlackForest and which I haven’t finishedexplaining by the way this is not blackforest ham this this is advertised likenonsense I’m just gonna like stack it uphere there perfect oh this is resealableso black forest ham is his hand that’smade in the black forest region ofGermany and it does have a protectedorigin and it does have a particular waythat it’s made it’s actually cold smokedfor weeks to give it its distinctiveplay but it takes weeks and it coldsmokes at a pretty damn cold texttemperature it’s actually about 77degrees Fahrenheitit’s like room temperature that theyjust leave these hams sitting around infor weeksit’s all the ham anyway it tastes reallygood so like after you after you coldsmoke it the next thing you do afterthat is then you you you dry-aged it ordry cure it actually for another like acouple weeks I think is what it is andthen when you’re finally all done withthat then the hamma’s is finallyfinished and it’s kind of like ahigh-end food in germany it’s uh it’sgood like genuine black forest ham is apope and this is everything I try to dofail every time all right well we havechanged from doing a traditional meal todoing a keto friendly meal I hope youguys enjoy your keto friendly breakfastsandwichit’s a keto friendly open-facedbreakfast sandwich know what I’m gonnaeat it anyway I don’t give a crap manI’m bad at this where’s the pancake yepwe burnt both of them the blueberries -we just put like a slab of butter onthis to make it really truly keto allright no Instagram picture today maybetomorrow during tomorrow stream maybewe’ll come up with one but I will atleast give you guys the the enjoyment ofseeing if if my egg yolk is in factliquidy or whatever that word is wellit’s hard to cut through is it liquidynot really overcook that as you can seeusing the crappy camera again here’s thething this can freely hard to use okaythe colors are off alright I got to playwith those colors cuz they are totallyoff it’s it’s gooey but it’s not it’snot you know like it’s not boozingso yeah that’s substandard I think wellthat was a fun bit of experimentationthat we did cool this was this wasactually really really a good stream forme since we got to do so many tests withthe camera and I got to kind of feel howthe new setup works and I there’sdefinitely some things that I’m gonna

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