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How to make Pancakes/ Fluffy Pancake Recipie

Tell me something more versatile than pancakes. You can have them for breakfast or lunch, hot or cold, savory or sweet, fluffy or thin. One of the best foods invented, I think. So on this particualy yummy day, it’s also my Mum and I’s weekly movie day! So obviously I had to make pancakes, what else?

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channeltoday i’m going to show you how to makethese amazing pancakesbe sure to hit that thumbs up button andpress the subscribeenjoy also for the full recipe check outmy blog down belowso you will need 200 grams ofself-raising flourone and a half teaspoons of bakingpowder andone tablespoon full of caster sugarand then in here i’ve got three eggs 25grams of melted butter and 200 ml ofmilknow you make a well in your flour andpour inyour wet ingredientsnow it’s time to cook your pancakesyou’ll need your pansome butter a plate to put your pancakesand i put some kitchen roll on here soif it’s a bit greasya um a spatulayour batter and a ladleso turn the stove onand add the butterthe butter is ready when it starts tobecome frothythen you can add your batterto tell when the pancake is ready toflip look for these bigger bubbles tostart to formand pop otherwise you can leave it forone to two minutes on each sidewhen you flip your pancake the heat willactivate the baking powderand you’ll see your pancakes start torise cook your pancakes until all thebatter is used upokay now we’ve got all our pancakes madeit’s time to plate themi’m getting my imperfect pancakesand get out everything that you want toput in your pancakes i’m going withpeanut butter in the middle and honeyallon top this is where you get to becreative about what you want there’s somany things you can put on pancakesi’m just spreading my peanut butter inbetween the pancakesit’s going to taste so goodanother one on top[Music]more peanut butterif you have lemons lemon and sugar isamazing on pancakesmy next pancake and now i’ve got myfree pancakes it’s time for honey[Music]you can have whatever you like on yourpancake like strawberries and cream orbacon and maple syrupcheck out my blog for more ideasand these are my pancakes thanks forwatchingbe sure to like and subscribe

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