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Making pancake cereal!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video! I will be trying to post daily I’ve just been busy with school work and other stuff!

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Video Transcription

[Music]it was like already made but like whereyou made this pancakes cereal I alreadymade some here’s some of them right nowit’s a very hard to do this like it’snot as easy as you think that’s what I’mdoing so yeah and you guys shoulddefinitely go check out my tik-tokbecause that’s where I posted me makingthem so yeahhere I’m going to try them and finishthem outso all I did was make some pancake mixthe one we just have to add water to itto the dry mix andokay everyone one pancake and as I waterto the dry mix and you have your pancakemixthen you want to put it in like a paperbag a plastic bag or a piping bag andjust pipe them in your guys’s pan sothis is what they’re looking like soonce they get bubbly that’s when youwant to flip them so I’m gonna go aheadand do that okay so I just flip them andthis is what they’re looking like andthis is the one where I messed up um butit’s okay it’s still gonna be the sameby the way I really like to be preparedbecause this is a very very messy so Iwas not prepared and I kind of got myhands really dirty with the pancake mixbut it’s okayso yeah just be prepared there’s anotherbatch doneso the little the better and the littleones and you don’t have to like alwayslike I’m trying to like figure out howto explain this but it’s kind of reallyhard so if you do little ones and youdon’t have to take so much time andmaking a lot of them so just try to makelittle ones so then you have more andmore done so you don’t have to take moretime on I’m gonna go ahead and do therest of a batch of that little pancakesand then I’ll try them and tell you guyswhat I think then hope he’d end oftodays video sorry this video was likereally short it’s just that like kind ofdoesn’t take this long to like make themand yeah so I’m just do that I alsowanted to say working um happy Mother’sDay to all the moms out there and I hopeyou had a great Mother’s Day can yeahokay are we not going to mention thatthe back these kind of look perfectthough like like I’m proud of myselfokay so here’s the time now it’s 1207 soyeah I kind of got a hurry up like forreal like the latest time I ever stayedup like probably six amorning yeah that’s mejust curious okay it’s happeningfinished and now is time to try it sowhat this dart hit her okay so here’swhat I got and I think that’s a goodamount for me Li’s cuz I really don’tlike eating cereal a lot I don’t knowwhy it is really dull but here we’regonna try today so we’re gonna add ourmilk firstand then I’m gonna go get some syrup heyhere’s this hero I don’t know why peopleat stereo I guess because they get allits pancakes and pancakes and syrup youknow but it would just be good with milkright temperaturewaitI’m shookhow is this so bad I I can see why theend with this year up – you guys need totry this it’s so what I almost knockedover a glassto be honest this is probably like thebest agree we’ll ever had but I feltlike there and have a serious if notthey shouldI never that that mean really thirstyokay so I read this at ni 10 this wasamazing it was so goodI honestly so shook up how good this waslike I would definitely make those againeven though it’s hard work to make butit’s worth it to be honestokay so that was today’s video hope youguys enjoyed don’t forget to Like andsubscribe and yeah have a good day ornight for meright well it’s 12:00 a.m. so I can’tbelieve my best friend’s YouTubechannels in the description down belowand the hey not my social medias yeahhow face

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