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welcome back to my hi everyone welcomeback to my channel so today we’ll bemaking better Crocker pancake mix soit’s gotta be buttermilk and in justthree simple steps so let’s go BettyCrocker so guys just for a short summarythis is how the pancake makes it lookslike so in about so in a bow I saidbefore I’m gonna take 1 cup pancake mixoh that’s one cup pancake mix now tothat we’ll be adding some ingredientsand that are 1 tablespoon of any kind ofvegetable oil so I’m using here so nowwe have the oil in it they’ll be addingan egg so I said before we’re gonna addan egg that has been tragic so no Bob’sjust now we have the egg in this will bebe giving it a 2 cup of milkwait one second to this mate we aregonna add 2 cup of milk or at least howmuch milk it needs to be the salt as abatter so I’m gonna add a little bit ofmilk first a little bit just a littlebit okaynow give it a nice mix with my whisk youcan even do it with the spoon or a forkbut does will work fasterso you can see it’s not that sometexture wind it yet because BT notenough milk we just added a bit of milkright so we’ll be adding milk step bystep to the batter bit more now stop themole cutting just makes it from all thesides from all the sidesyou get all the lumps and you finebetter it’s making this into a batteryou come so now I’ve got it in do batterso let’s see it’s conscious can see withthat spoon oh my god I’m just getting myspoon oh my gosh wants it you guys sofor that inconvenient so let’s see itthickness better smoothness or thicknesswhatever you tell it with a tablespoon[Music]can see you really flaky all the lumpsare goneI’m just getting from other sides andshowing you just it’s becomes very softbecame a really nice batter so if youneed some more note or some less milk Isay that’s why I added the milk insteadby step so we can know how much groundis Mita I didn’t mean all that look Ihave a lot of themso it’s a small one but just move it toone secondso look at the lump has gone give thisslice mix so it it didn’t even took aminute for me it just formed until rightthis batter I did you for a minutebecame it is batter so you canunderstand right now is that it’s reallyeasy to make now shouldn’t be going tofrying this I mean it just doesn’t dobad things so I’ll be showing back twoand threeokay this few in judgment and then threetwo three twoso goes up the pan here now I’m gonnajust heat that upso let’s hit look surprised I’m going toput the flame high a better fireso you just come all right down so nowthe flame is on I’m waiting for all thewater to dry up and in that time the panis a bit of hot now we act all of thewater goingsorry for the inconvenience the ban isnot that good okay so when the waterwill go up I’ll be coming back so nowall the water have been dried up so I’mgonna put what a bit of oil the surfaceand rub it so nothing will stay thereand it’ll all come out in my hands soI’ll put the oil in come back so now asyou can see I just brushed it but someoils now I’m gonna put some butter in itback so now I just pour it on the batterit doesn’t look as good as I thought butwe have to wait till the bubbles breakon the top and it just become brown andthen just flip it up so you can see allthe it’s become a bit of like pancakewould she expect it wasn’t not that thenbut when I pointed was really thin itjust pops up it’s really good so I havea plate setter up there just for itdirect she done because don’t know okaythis is not what we want but will beflipping again and againso we’ll get what we want so I’ll beshowing this pancake done so let’s go tothe plate I’m cooking this on on lowflame as you can see I’m cooking it downlow flame as you can see pancake this isa cake actually what a kick I never needto know the meaning I just wanted to eatitand now pancake it’s a cake made onpantsthat’s what pancake is so I’ll beshowing a bunch of Paki spots up here sothree two one oh wait for megood that’s right – so while it has beencooking this is a top bike and you seethe middle part it has to be cookedthrough that outside so now I’m going toshow you something so somehow I got abite-sized one I’m just gonna taste itmmm that’s really good[Applause]so guys have all the pancakes you areready so you can see all the pancakeshere

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