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Video Transcription

[Music]okay okaymy name is deafening this is this is myfirst video so what I am gonna do ismake some delicious pancakes and this issome things that you need are quite abig bowl like a pretty big bowl it’spretty good and I use this hand mixerthing to make it much faster and savesso much time you need 625 milliliters ofmilk yeah this this is milkI need a holic for like yeah you knowthe whole egg I believe the wholepancake mix which yeah you can get atlike woo bucks or something good so likeyeah I got this one from Moo bucksso yeah let’s start okay so we need weneed to put a whole life like everythingfrom this and put it in everything okayCole I pour 300 milliliters of milkyeah that’s around 300 and now you alsoheat an egg sirI’m gonna break this egg which we failokay so yeah it’s the egg now okay okayhey little bit older stuff about okayI’m gonna put this put the egg in thebin okaynext mix these together I’m told they’relike mind you properly combined togetherokay so I’m going to show you what itlooks like from the top I’m gonna showyou what it looks like from the top soyeah it’s like it should do somethinglike this like thisand so yeah that’s alright good enoughnow put on put the rest of your milk inand now I need to properly mix it forsome time until all the lumps go awayit smells really good toothere’s still some left in here just forthe rest yeahokay yeah we have to I have to do thisfor quite a while well look that decidefive minutes or somethingand then I’ll do this and you make sureall the lumps which is not that easyokay so I finished mixing my I’m goingto yeah put it in the pan and see whathappenswhen I moved in here I like drop thatyeslet’s see what shape this turns out tobe okayI’m gonna get around Hey I’ll move itwhy did I get some morethis is going to be the shape of mypancake it looks a little bit weird I’mgonna padding the sides just a littlebit bettercheese how’s this for first pancake Ithink I should get it up though oh mygod okay I’m gonna just get it from thesides okay I got itput on my plate I see its color that’ssome cool that’s a nice gold it’s mostreally good I’m gonna make one more okayguys so mother this was gonna be adifferent shapehey put some quickly so I can spare afootI look so funny oh I can just put thisdo the refugees who kiss okay this willbe the shape of this just pancake weirdshape I don’t like their big holesirregular things geez yeah this is gonnabe the shape of mine see this one turnsout I’m gonna see I don’t know see no Ijust about ready no it’s no money okaythis shouldn’t make me pretty soon Iguess Hey yeah it’s readythis is the shape we’re – its got likeholes all over them okay so I have mytwo nice and regular pancakes okay yeahlook at the shape and listen sobeautiful okayI’m going to put my trusty golden syrupon my pancake okay just like put I’mgonna put it all together okay yep I’mgonna exactly the taste good it’s nicelywhich the golden syrup definitely givesit like a much higher taste very prettyvery good some people could like enjoythis with if it’s a a little bit morehard I just enjoy that the soft pancakessome people enjoy enjoy harder pancakesthat’s just me my dad mmm really goodit should just make you someis dope I’ll see you in a future cookingvideo so bye bye for now

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