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my chocolate crinkles taste heaven..very chocolaty and yummy

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys good evening the government areyou are you now chocolate crinklesPaisley – guys I same as the red red oneambitious a telegrapher guys pero thetotal agra my pocket ramonasetup yeah or mass Messara Patookay guys there are our ingredients wehave 2 cups of granulated sugar 1 cup ofunsweetened good-quality aqua 4 eggs forlonger meeting not Indian guys half acup of vegetables mixable oil have a teatablespoon of vanilla pinch of salt & 2teaspoons of baking powder at opa-lockais 2 cups of all-purpose flour soukalaka simply apply over now chocolatecrinkles guys so let’s start 1 cup ofunsweetened cocoa ahh the brand guys Iuse is Ben’s doors then add in the twocups of powder white sugar this is 2cups then you will add half a cup of[Music]it’s nipple guys then one at a time guysyou got a nothing wrong[Music]Harold I’m making chocolate wrinkles foryour egg ii eggs okay[Music]the third eggand the point one[Music][Music][Music]we will add in the half tablespoon of[Music]this is correct bold we will mix the twocups of all-purpose flour 2 teaspoon ofteaspoon of baking powder 1 this is halfa teaspoon of surprise this is what havethis one so that’s one piece for themost now that’s a little you knowphenomena then a pinch over so I 1/2teaspoon of iodized saltmix mix mix and the tricky part guys iswe will pour this that is mixture[Music]next- gustl guys[Music]so the trains not gonna spatula didn’t Iand normally it[Music]should be a mix there welloh wait analyst[Applause][Music][Music][Music]so this is a case[Music]so we will put these in the fridge forat least four hours Panama little Gastonsay you all later guys thousand yearslatermorning guys it don’t know yo I thinkmixture palace’ chocolate crinklesnothingthis is chilling overnight so got a bitbut the guys say oh cool now que no hashow it to you on let me show you yeahthen mark prepared entire now I knowguys powdered sugar and honey buttercombined getting to have fun at certainAfrican attire now oven at then 175 sookay let it preheat nothing guys finaldirector a director at IO I will use anice cream scooper but I even your pocketgot nothing then what are you nowthey’re like a not in detour icing sugarnothing then we will make it a bowl[Music]but the guy for nothing guys it shouldbe my Banga this does to each other[Music]but uh you gonna get Oh forgiveme baby nothing[Music]Tina La Casita Brycevanellope Nevada and parameter says Iremember you did not move then put itbelow me but nothing[Music]so although going up in value and saynothing to that new beau guys[Music]I just want a nothing for treatment inJapan[Music]that’s it so I don’t know you’re actingwrinkle wrinkles now for baking nowyou’re so we have doing for 12 and 15 wehave 27 bring close guys La Silla thatwill bake 15 minutes check nothing guysit’s been two minutes alreadymy two guys you know it we did it we didit touch that in there try okay this isgood this is done lucky guys[Music]so if you call download an appEnterprise this is it can sit through aNobel wait just wanta go PI tomorrowremember little tomorrow now come on therun I said did I ok till tomorrow no I’ma quiet if I meant that on gamesyourselfbirthday okay OPM in color brown yellowyoung guys the deliver against a spoolyHarold for our match if dr. Kyle quarterNicholas Thomasdo we make Monsieur axe our departedindicia heartSophia

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