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Learn how to make Tasty NoBake Cookies (chocolate cookies). Funny Food Cooking With The Robinsons!

Updated/Corrected Recipe for the butter…. You are watching Cooking With The Robinsons and today we are showing you how to make Delicious NoBake Cookies that are very desirable! They are fast and simple to make, and will not disappoint. Funny Tasty Food

No Bake Cookies Recipe
1/2 cup (1 stick) – butter
2 cup – sugar
1/4 cup – cocoa
1 cup – milk
1 tsp – vanilla
1/2 cup – peanut butter
2 3/4 cup – oatmeal

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Video Transcription

hi this is Riley and you’re watchingcooking with the Robinsons today we’regonna make cookies they’re simple andthey’re very delicious all right guysthis recipe is gonna require 1/2 cup ofbutter 2 cups of sugar 1/4 cup of cocoa1 cup of milk 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1/2cup of peanut butter and 2 and 3/4 cup aquick oatmeal what we’re gonna want todo is we get this melted up and thenwe’re going to add some milk the sugarand the cocoa butter my family we lovefood and so we’re gonna be sharing someof our favorite foods with you guysthese no bake cookies was good way tostart off they’re delicious okay let’sget nuts it now we want to complete cupsof sugar1/2 cup a cup of cocoa half a cup ofmilkit’s gonna make a yummy concoction youlike chocolateyeah my kit with a cup of milk Brown weactually learned how to make thesecookies when I was very young from theBlakely family that’s where we inheritedthis recipe very delicious I think I’vesaid delicious like five times gonnalearn another word very desirable okayso you mean to get that mixed dot andthen we’re gonna bring it to a boil avery important part of the oil is thatonly do it for one minute you don’t wantto do any less or any more you want tohave a full roaring boil for one minutethat’s gonna put the liquid at the rightconsistency so when you add in the oatsand stuff and when they cookie setupthey’re not falling apart but once weget this to a full boil a roaring oilright for one minute after that’s donewe’re gonna throw in a teaspoon ofvanilla from Mexico and I just use thecapital if it might be a little bit morebut okay now to the royal and roaringboil we want to do that for one minutestirring it you want to keep stirring itkeep going what’s going through the boilokay here we gojust take that off the off the burnerand you want to heat your vanillateaspoon of vanilla yummyturn your burner off so you don’t burnyourself oh I’m gonna take your peanutbutter all right all right once you getthat mixed in nano quick oats then addthough manokay then you can let them sit for aminute or two and then you’re gonna putit on some wax paper let it sit forlight now in ten minutes something likethat and they’ll be nice and ready to goto you with a cup of milk anyway so I’mgonna give it a second set up and I’mgonna put some wax paper out and if youdon’t have backs paper then you can havethe bowl or a spoon whatever you want todo anyways so that is no baked cookiesfrom Meet the Robinsonsnext time on cooking with the Robinsonswe are gonna make the world’s greatestyummiest steak please subscribe to ourChannel give us a thumbs up so oncethey’re set up go ahead and enjoy themhave a cup of milk goes great with itthanks for watching see you next timeyeah[Music]you

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