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How To Make: Pancake Cereal😜🎂

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Video Transcription

busting with have fun good morning[Music]anyways today y’all we gonna be makingmotherfucking um pancakes cereal mmm butyou got did you mammy right hopefully Isaid today rightand it will even eat soul basically wellnot really basically it’s not basicallylet me love speaking Kate me otherpeople mix they can’t mix but I’m notwriting shit and in just a little slabbut him you know Nino just where theyjust looks laugh and of course the bowsso let’s get right into this video sofirst y’all gonna need a measuring cupthen y’all gonna take y’all batting thismuch so usually with these you can do itthe black people you know you just takehow much sure alright even fun to do allthat measuring y’all gonna lose this youdo I put in to measure the coat that youcan do it in a bowl or and then you justgonna go ahead and I just slowly addedwater to get it to thisso really I just usually just much waterso let’s but usually you just keepadding and going as much as you needso they give that doughy consistencyover you just stir it and keep on out ofwatery’all know who y’all indicates y’allthat sound rightleave it so you just want to take thisand just just all right I don’t know ify’all can see how it’s like which I wantit just like that type of that’s howthat’s how really I like mine but ify’all wanna eat me whether we believe sousually people put dedo in a bag so Imean usually I go in the bed but I’lljust use a spoon and just drip it onthere but I guess that’s not way so youjust gonna take a salmon bed it’s somepeople who don’t want to do all thatother stuff you just take a stand likesojust yeah really just my first cookingconcerns like it’s ghetto is fucked buty’all y’all got Chuck Nick’s in the bedso just like put in right let’s say youmake it Kate you do like that boom sonow you don’t this and you just gottamake you okayas y’all see I moved to the stove so youjust wanna put you I’ll put the stove onwhatever because I’m not really a chefso I don’t know but I don’t weareverything so you just gonna take yourbutter and I just take a little bit muchjust to coat the pan you know comingCarmen y’all don’t really need tomeasure it from that it’s hot I’veunless you need to coat your pen youknow some people like going like somestuff you just gotta catch almost flavortoo late so cool my buttermilk see I gotthe stolen white seek says me if y’allwant to know that so boom after thebottom notes so let’s see if this work Icut a little hole in it but this is myfirst time trying it so let’s gooh damn emergency just like some lightoh let me show you the cookie sobasically all y’all gonna really do isjust I’m like even regular pancakes Ikind of like swish them around so thesetwo tiny put I’m gonna combat withbasically this is Mahina seebehind-the-scenes mr. Hoffman becausethese pancakes is on high resinous I’mlike the cookies which is one out ofturn cuz look at these okay what theyburning up but yeah this wasthe Internet make it let me tell youthat mmm get out come but you know y’allI’ll try it didn’t go so good I burnt upthe rest of the pet but it’s okay it’sokay cuz I got some red but if I was youI’ll sit so regular pancakes cuz thisain’t it this ain’t it i’ma show y’allwhat I got it I’m stood test it out Igotta lose something that came out rightbut let me show you how that realquitting with the IQ see this is the endresult can I say I’m proud of myselfoh yeah I tried okay well yeah I mightjust sit here and taste family if thisturn is really cooking[Music]feels like I just need a regular pink sowith that it really is not helpful rightyou don’t burn them last pancakesunless y’all know how to flip it thatwas my part I know how to flip thatthing so don’t keep don’t don’t do it at6 & 7 on the stove because I have fuckedokaybut but as you can see in my video y’alllike comment subscribe all I can say isy’all that I tried I triedso yeah I can give me that and all thatother stuff but if got other trying totry some fucking pancakes a little goodluck so the only doula danced out ofhere my action come on to do it feel I’mlike to dookay but y’all like comment subscribethis video subscribe this videooh no y’all but just a scrap yeah butshare do you know better subscribe sheliked this video and y’all know if youonly do any cooking videos I just likethis up but are you[Music]

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