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Making chocolate pancakes | The Diary of Vlogs

Hello all. Hope you guys enjoyed that video. See you in the next video until then it’s bye from me. Bye. ….

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]the things required or a pancake batterso if you want to know about how to makethis pancake batter go and see the firstepisode on how to make a pancake so thatI have said how to make a pancake batterroll and you need the Nutella shouldspread up you you have strongly sittingdown making a milkshakethat we knew you have shown this nut andlock bottle[Music]and you will need a blender it is verysimple what we are going to doI hope you all guessed what we are goingto do yes we are just gonna add this alot mix to the pancake batter so you canadd how much you want I’m adding nearlyone and a half[Music]Susan and how much you need to get andand just mix the batter[Music]sorry for the shakiness as I mix thesurface also shakes and the camera is onto shakingsorry for the shaky and this is how thebatter looks now and you can follow theprocess which we followed in the firstvideo just go ahead and cook the pancakeand enjoy a meal so this is I plead itis a short video so hope you guys enjoythe video see you in the next video andeven it’s bye from me and also don’tforget to Like comment and share andsubscribe to my channel the diary ofblogs so see you in the next video untilthen it’s bye from me bye[Music]

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