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How To Make Perfect Protein Pancakes

Perfect Fluffy Protein Pancakes

1x egg
7 g baking powder
50 g Inno supps powder –
100 g of flour
200 ml milk

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to a new videohave some nice cooperation thereintercepts yeah say sent me this nicepushing phone its cake put it overyeah it’s someone’s reg it’s on troublebe good fight away guys oh yeah let’s dosome pancakes we start one egg not veganpancakes is so low it smells so goodshake what and on top I want some nutsitoh my god because Pike up here Nikolasyou know what a pain it is not that ifyou do it out it’s more than like theruffle you couldn’t waffle you wouldwant[Music]so guys we have finish here they look sonice and chaste also really nice[Music]hahaha yeah what do your said neiglaughs so put even pulled our pancakesor he knows that’s one sort of course Iplaces and very sweet and yeah maybe notfor everyonesomething but maybe something there wasthe brownie or much chocolate chocolateis very bad when you actually pull up inmy opinion it’s more like throw and heput you in both at and I like such anice edge and it’s yeah sweet of whothink so totally everything would Anikalikes

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