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How To Make Zucchini Lemon Ricotta Pancakes LIVE w/ Emily Fedner @foodloversdiary | Brunch Boys

Emily Fedner joined my on Instgram Live, all the way from Brazil to show me how to make Zucchini Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with a side of Honey Butter to put on top! Watch to see how to make them, and the fun we had along the way!
1 cup flour
1/2 cup ricotta cheese
2 tsp granulated sugar
1.5 tsp baking powder
1 cup grated zucchini
1 egg
1 cup milk
A pinch or 2 of salt
Lemon zest if you’d like

#pancakes #brunch #ricotta
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Video Transcription

so you guys are just shortening hello myfirst year I’m here with Emily freelancediary we are making a zucchini pancakeso we’ve gone through the batter whichis some flour baking powder baking sodasome dummy milk ricotta zucchini zest ofa lemon sugar a little bit of salt andwe’re getting there were almost there tocook so it’s just joining us that’swhat’s happening this will live on 24hours I can watch itthis will also live on YouTube in longform in the 90 P so many options so ifyou just joined us just obviously notreally I don’t know for long but it’scoming hang on that’s s questions andwe’re here everybody’s where we startedat number improving on incidentally howquickly our gonna get to cookie just thetwo sides 2/7 I’m like yeah it’s notwhen I tested this dish earlier it tookstart to finish 15 minutes but we aregoing at a leisurely pace and that isokay now great you someone asked whatdoes that mystery baking powder makingso much I don’t know what technically isthe difference but I they’re both Ithink like lugga name kind of risingagent of it I’m not positive both areusing baking a lot but a hack is if youjoin have one you have the other bakeone part of baking soda like one unit ofbaking soda isn’t equivalent to threeunits of baking powder so for instancein this recipe I used 1.5 teaspoons ofbaking powder and Jeremy just use half ateaspoon of baking sodaI guess baking soda is more potent Ithink I did I’ve been trying to measureI would say that are ready yeah battersready so before we get to cooking thepancakes which is the fun part we’regonna quickly make our topping so it’sready to go and the pancakes are mysmile now I would say actually it’s finebetteryeah I totally agree but how long youdon’t know a day or two yeah yeah yeahall right tell me you did the one thingI asked you took the butter out of thefridge it’s like the boat originally umI’m using about a half a stick just acouple tablespoons let me see your buttis it not I got a big ol hunk of butterokay I would say use like a little lessthan half of that you don’t need you nowI don’t really measure when I make thehoney butter topping but if you needkind of a reference point I would sayfor a half stick of butter you’re gonnause about a teaspoon of honey you’d besurprised it looks like very little butit’s super sweet and it makes a hugedifference so I don’t want a spoon tasteit and then add more but don’t go toohard spray and some saltyes actually no looking at our teaspoonsout big I’m gonna start a tattoo and Ihave normal honey to be actually I don’tknow this is might be the one time I saythat I don’t think this girls likehotness I got some okay so the processof making a tablespoon happen use half ateaspoon to start it it should be funokay mix it up cuz your butter should benice and soft from being out on room atroom temperature for at least an hour ortwo I mean it’s not an hour to but it’sfineokay I started with a half teaspoon andI quickly decided I need a full teaspoonso I’m having another half teaspoonhumming into my butter and I’m gonna putthe microwave for two seconds okay nottoo hard I mean can melt it’s fine youcan always just put a piece okayokay my knife is full of them in myhousehold is that the less dishes youhave to do the better which means I’musing a knife I used to cut the butterto also start it you don’t learn so Iread this somewhere and I lived inDepartment for years without adishwasher so I got used to cooking andcleaning just by hand when I moved intomy new apartmentI’m not going to dishwasher who caresbut then I was like all right maybe justlike bigger heavier new things like oncea week up dishes in there but then Iread somewhere that’s actually betterfor the environment without wasting asit does it uses much water just to runit every single night no matter how muchis in there and you do when you handleit yeah so I’ve been using dishwasherevery single night really you know Ialways wonder that because when you washdishes you kind of have to keep thewater runningwait but it also like my water for somereason like takes forever it’s again hotenough to clean with so yeah like threeminutes straight just to get hot enoughfor me to clean stuff only because it’sdo it it’s like gallons and gallons ofwater down the drain for no reasonreally quick guys so we’re making asalted honey butter if you do not haveme so you can play with a different likeseveral different salting agents and Ithink this is something we all learnedduring salt that acid heat which issomething goes wrong and then it saltysweet you said no no I need a littlemore sweet okay so I’m gonna be using aquarter teaspoon of me so Jeremy uselike you add a pinch of salt at a timeuntil it tastes salty enough Here I amI’m mixing miso into my honey butter soit’s miso honey butter miso is myfavorite greeting pretty sure if youfollow me mints them you know thatquestion waves you soak your dishes withthe water oh yeah yes soak your yet soakyour dishes actually because then youdon’t have to run it for as long andwhat I also have been doing because downhere this is the outdoor kitchen wedon’t have hot water so I’ve beenboiling a pot itokay I would say that we are probablyready to rock let me all rightI’m gonna put my griddle on are yougoing to cook the pancakes in the honeybutter as well or just as a topping nojust as a topping we’re going to putthem in regular better I don’t you havea ladle that would be a great beautifulwhat temperature are you putting yourskill your your skills okay so I put iton a low flame because this one’s veryhot I would say you should be going forlow to medium okay here’s my temperaturewise you think 350 or you think littleless a little less like 300 good chunkof the thing is you want your pan tokind of heat up before you put thepancake on and you don’t want thepancake to cook too fast because me thenthe outside gets brown but the insidestill raw so you need to find that idealtemperature where it cooks through butstill Brown outside you pancake thefirst thing it never comes out well alsono wait geremy also stir around yourbatter and take a look at how muchrunner it is now I’m trying to Keaneyokay that every new zucchini is probably75% water you know is your bet but didyou taste your batter I I know it’swrong but like signs I just taste itmake sure it’s sweet nothing soaking upmy infection probably use a littlemorsel I mean I just felt like a honeysalt explosion it’s my mouth so it’shard to cutokay man okay my sister’s been literallyshe’s at my parents house and she’s beenrunning her own personal mask factoryshe’s a fashion designer she’s makingand sewing her me mask so she’s justthat you have to go and make more mouthsall right Jeremy you ready to plop it onthere wait till spotters I cookeverything coconut oil sprayI’ve never done it but I’m sure it’sgreat so any fat or Natal you don’t knowif you’re not a ladle you can use like aquarter cup you want to do a full ladlehaving your pancakes happens see whathappens okay I’m gonna do a little lessthan a quarter cup all right can youguys see my little we are sizzling andcooking away so you think zucchinipancakes same thing you’re just lookingfor the edges to crisp up and then flipexactly it’s not really just look like awhat green zucchini it’s bacon is somolecular and scientific I don’t knowwhen you up of the ingredients alittle Muppets change up the greensthings remain the same you know umsometimes they you sometimes they don’tum I’m actually excited to see how thispancake turns out because I used a hella lot more zucchini in this batch than Idid in my test batch so it’s much morerunny and I am curious about what thetexture will be like and that is what’sso cool and excited about cooking andthat’s what makes me a cookie nerd Ican’t wait to see the difference Emily’sin Braziland hence the tropical background thisis that’s actually just like[Laughter]you can see how I can I’m gonna actuallyguys I’m going to quickly change up myphone so you can see a little bit moreof my yesterday I had like this grandplans to have like a separate camerarolling to see everything but I waswrong I still feel like in my brain Isaw a 3-way live video somewhere I meanyeah I’m gonna triple check on all thisonce we’re done if you’re going toseason us anything we have multiplepeople from Tennessee watching Emilythat’s no really Asheville I’m dying togo fantastic food City barbecue is don’tknow bin I really want to eat fried foodin Nashville like natural hot chickens abucket list item natural chicken is goodI will say how do you be is thisfantastic but the main locations stupidto go to because there’s a secondarylocation 12 minutes way there’s no lineso that is my national hack for youdon’t go to more closer a downtown go tothe line 10 minutes further and it’sliterally empty you know I feelthat lines I’m impatient and I just getannoyed at the prospect of a line andthe problem I have four things I thinkI’m like a minute away from flippingisland in the house oh hi I’m fromColumbus Ohiooh my pink it’s looking pretty good Ithink I’m ready to flip you want to fliphello New Jersey missing Emmaline’s inyour sandwich post well at least stillslurping and I’m still doing Sam I justI did too strict sandwich pose so you’renot missing anythinguh yeah I’m gonna try to flip wait dickyou’re missing manual clothes that’s allI pose wait guys look at it look howbeautiful it is it’s so green oh meOh God but actually what I’m alreadyreally good it looks really good that’llcome it’s fine no no this looks amazingthis looks way bettermy test edge and the first pancake thingis not I was worried a little bit aboutmy electric skillet a nice quick youknow the other day it seemed very unevenon where the heat was which makes senseor cheap electric skillet that sort oflike answer duty cop it is it’s notgonna be close out in the sametemperature everywhere on the griddle doyou not play in front of you what do youplay yeah electric skill on my counterus get all electric skillet on mycounter you do wait let me see how doesthat work an electric skillet I meanokay byeit’s plugged into the wall can you seeit uh not reallyyou’ll just have to send me a picturelater look rule no because the screenshave cut off I can barely see it now ohwait guysthat is so cool you’re cooking right onthere so I yeah so I use it just forfilming because it’s it’s so hard tosometimes cook on my stove to have itright there in the island it’s reallygood so it’s a cheap one it’s not greatbut gets the job doneguys real quick reminder with pancakesthe second side all these cooks fashionthe first side so just be consciousabout it wasn’t good he’s actually I’mtouching it I won’t say so littlemachine but I think it’s gonna be moremotion I just did my first ones done butshe how they are at how many do you wantto make which is like one for now okayyou’re cooking with butter which is whatI would recommend yes butter has a lowsmoke point which means as you’re fryingmaking the butter the butter is alsobrownie and then subsequently burning sowhat I would recommend is you needbetween every two to three pancakes takea paper towel and wipe down the brittleso that you’re not further burning thebutter because that perfect butter isgonna get on the pancakes and it smellsmagic I should show my offering nowthat’s really good it’s giganticgo Emily your other sister service onesister pack down my sister is nowhere tobe seenArie is not memoryWow your sisters names already rightAmandaman I knew his memories a boy’s namethere’s plenty of girls Inari is yours acopper pan I’m not sure this is myboyfriend’s mom’s pan is it I don’tthink so I think it’s just a straight-upcallerokay so I’m putting my niece oh honeybutter on my pancake I’m just gonna putlike a nice pat of butter in their dormroom we’re gonna smear if you have thetime you can refrigerate this butter inlike a mold and then kind of make slicesof it but I don’t think that’s necessaryit just looks prettier okay so my butteris melting on I can’t get in this noit’s really melted into it which isexactly what you want it’s perfect okayare you ready taking about eight yourfirst bite they just let it steep alittle bit need texture-wise it looksgood I mean this is the inside of thepancake for me it was my inside I wouldsay if it was a normal baking I would belike I want to cook a little bit morethrough but I think because of thericotta zucchini just yeah and you cantry your next one make it smaller makeit thinner and it might cook faster orput it on lower heat and cook it for alittle longeroh my god there’s literally a wasp’s I’msorry is my biggest fear in the worldthey’re everywhere here okay yeah Ithink mine my probably need another 30seconds but mmm oh my god no lemons assis so goodyeah I think I need I don’t put like apound more salt since my battery youneed to put it online yeah I think soand this is also a case where if Icooked it with saltedbut ER it would have sort of like saltto the edges a little bit more I thinklike that’s where you’re looking forthat like rather than this is whatyou’re giving up when you you seecoconut oil spray is getting like crispybuttery edge um yeah the first one Imade these they were not sweet or saltyenough if you actually followedmeasurements in the recipe I sent younot like we both not interested becauseit’s hard with salting and sugaringthings but that should provide a nicesalty flavor uh how’s your honey butteris it yummy mm-hmm thank you honeybutter I like to set up a little bitleave in the fridge uh-huh sour cream ontopoh yeah the Russian side with the lobbythat miss Franny Natasha was on earlierand she’s like Emily talked about theoriginal zucchini pancake and I startedtelling a bit about alladhi so thesebrushes you can eat pancakes aretypically cut with sour cream andthey’re so good if you talk someone likesour cream and salmon caviar that is thebrunch dish of dreams Jeremy when thisis all over we can easily access salmonroe we’re gonna make another pancakefucka adding more honey butter on itit’s so good like a nice like beautifulfresh not fresh next day toasted pieceof bread yeah that’d be delicioussomeone asks are these new can youpancakes writing better than regularpinkies it’s also subjective I preferthem because I think that there’s alittle bit more depth of flavor betweenthe zest and the salty and the sweet andespecially you’re using me so then yougot a little funk and umami I think it’smore delicious but some people just likeit I don’t think I like that I like thetexture that the ricotta brings to itin general it’s like a little it’s likethat nice sort of soft denseness readyto pancake that’s more but you prefer Iguess well if you want to look at itthis way I just ate a salad and youthat’s pretty good yeah well listenwe’re all doing the best we canin terms of eating and it’s crazybecause everyone’s freaking out aboutlike eating and gaining weight and I getit to a certain extent but we’re justdoing the best we can and at leastspeaking for myself food is the numberone thing that brings me joy it makes mehappy so I’m gonna eat whatever I wantI’m gonna get rich how to make eggsDowson butter if I want to you sayingyou’re starting missed it well thislives these stories for next 24 hours Iwill be producing a long-form YouTubebut you just want to come have fun withus and see us naked I will be producinga more condensed IG TV version so you’llhave all the content you could everdream little you being shorter tick tockversion to miss it do not worry oh mygod miss remember stick check on is tomade my first tick tock at birthwe’re semi present in it no I’m notmaking it tick tock I’m saying youfeaturing me and a zucchini pancake ticktock will be the first time my faces arenear presenceperson yes sort of think about thatEmily’s point of whatever eatingI think it’s balanced I went outsidethis morning I ran six miles knowingthat I would come cakes so that’s whatthat means really cuts the joy in whothey think like you to know you have towork for it and then you get to enjoy itand not worry about it but I’m gonna I’mgonna play the SS I have to get herereally quick I agree with that like toan extent I but I something that I’vestarted to do because for me for me it’sbeen it was really negative to associatethe two so hopefully working out andeating so what I do is now I just simplywork out because it makes me feel goodand I try to do it four days a weekbecause I feel so like energeticafterwards and I eat what my body tellsme to eat so if it’s like I want to eatricotta pancakes on a day that I didn’twork out I’m not gonna like punishmyself and say that I can’t but maybethe next day I’ll will feel like workingout and then maybe I’ll also I know it’snot direct correlation decide how yourbody works anytime but just knowing ifyou ends up making more better decisionsand poor decisions just so come out ontop you know exactly also what was Igonna say I noticed that my body kind ofself-regulates like I was eating so muchfaucet because I was I’m working on apasta book by like anyone who’s carriedout um I’m working a posse book itshould be done by the end of next weekand all I do is cook and make pasta andI would I do that for a week andyesterday or the other day I ate saladfor lunch and dinner because I just likemy body physically needs this with beercereals on Amazon I know I didn’t makeanything with them but I certainlysnacked on them I would say most ofthose cereals paid for better snacks andbreakfast dishes anyway so I found but20 is the one I sort of least I like theleast I thought myself going back tomore because if you just look at it onlike a snack desert level it was thebest but when you looked at on a cerealbreakfast it was the worst but I foundmyself digging digging digging as wellso in a little book oh you know what Iwas gonna say to that my so I’m inBrasilia obviously and my boyfriendconstantly find things so funny aboutAmerican culture like the fact that weeat muffins and cereal and cinnamon bunsfor breakfast he’s like so that’sdessert right like a muffins of dessertand I was like no it’s like a breakfastfood he’s like but it’s like a cupcakeso it took one night because I justthinking about when I was watching yourvideo with the sugary cereals I was likethis is so America and to have likesugar you know it’s funnyI got comments about that because theywere European only cereals so I listenI’m sure they actually in Europe andlike France you eat a croissant withchocolate for breakfast so it spans allcultures I would say in particular theAmericans have done a really good jobmaking fatty sugary things intobreakfast I’d also think that’s a veryAmerican stereotype listen listen we’remaking pancakes it cuts me too but Iwould say for the majority of Americansnobody eats that proper but very much noand I wasn’t ever thinking likesomething light I’m you know how theseNew Yorkers even like you were like oh no I wish I could eat bagelsanymore your breakfast likespeaking of sugary pancake toppingsdidn’t you enjoy this honey butter muchmore than like just super sweet syrupit’s much less sweet than syrup and haslike a salty balance so this is actuallycould be I don’t want to say healthierbut it’s a less sweet alternative tosyrup is very natural this is 20 poundsof butter is healthy and I don’t give a what anyone says not saying it’scompletely unhealthy I’m just sayingthat’s not okay unless we just call it aday Mike holiday let me check on top ofhere we’re almost done now anyway soit’s perfect if you guys have any lastquestions let us know like I said thisview of live on next 24 hours andstories it will be in tick-tock it’ll beon I just wanted to be able to be afacebook – I got the Alka no Facebookcertainly very quick many cons it wasthat said wherever you put videos thisvideo will be yes wherever you want tosee videos I will have it there thankyou guys for tuning in thank you andmoney for joining me all the way fromBrazil you’re so welcome bye everyone ifyou have questions about the recipe orhow to make these pancakes feel free toDanny corners bye

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