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How we cook pancakes here in Australia.

Have a blessed day and stay safe everyone.

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Video Transcription

[Music]Hwanhee welcome back to another videoguys today we’re gonna be doing so we’regonna be cooking some pancakes and we’realso gonna be doing some other videoshows stay tuned for those and I hopeall of you enjoy so yeah guys bye bye[Music][Applause][Music]say good morning tea boy because ourdeaf people even though we’re close towinter here in Australia but he alwaysgets hotso are you working today happy are youworking today are you going to workthat’s are you going to work with Daddytodaythat sees a whole reaction if you wantedif you wanted something really bad daddystop massaging[Music][Music][Music]you have enough voice no disease andstudy that’s his favorite favorite time[Music]let’s save everyone cents moresay bye-bye not defeat[Music][Music][Laughter]so this morning we’re just cookingpancake for breakfast and this is how wecook pancake here in Australia we justbuy like this at the supermarket andalso they have the how your trip toprepare this one you just add some waterand then it’s ready to cook so right nowI’m cooking now and then I’m also usingbutter that’s that this one their monkeyis already having his one that’s that ispancake right there and also that iswanted on some strawberry jam for hispancake so I’m gonna put some strawberryjam on the top and also monkeys rightthere it’s ready so how was ithow’s your pancakes you get some waterhuhtake some water nowyeah that’s all right[Music]okay guys guys she’s gonna flip it it’sgonna flip guys Wow look at that look atguys it looks good isn’t it that’s thebest pancake and yes I’m just gonna waitagain so bye guysso this is that this pancake right hereI’m just gonna put some butter on itbefore I put strawberry jam[Music]so what do you say about your pancakesyeah this morning mommy made me butterand jam pancakes very yummy headed inbed just finishedtape some to Tuffy he loved it yeahthank youand then don’t forget to like subscribeand comment down below bye[Music]

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