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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel andtoday I’ll be showing you how to maketake it and so first we put the bird onthe neck you need to stir the mix withwith milk or water and you will get thisfinished product when you get that youpour it off to the butter why is because[Music]but don’t use too much of the mix andI’m making this pancakes for my for myown sisters I’m sorry guys but go gotsisters and don’t forget to wash yourhands so Jake and also just to have funcooking welcome back to my channel and Ihope you subscribe like and follow me onsix art and it will be in the link tothe description description down belowoh my gosh I forgot to turn on the stoveI’m so clumsy but I made this one and Ijust want to show you how it looks andI’m sorry hot but if that’s what you’rethinking about what I was eatingbut I’m gonna stop for now so you justwant to wait and you want to stir themix until it gets thick and don’t letthe UM stuff in the mix like this themix don’t let mix still be in there likeyou can’t you won’t don’t want to beable to see the mix and if you do that’sbadso then well it’s well it’s bad so thatmeans you need add more water or eithermilkI prefer milk because milk is tech makesit taste betterokay that’s uh it’s about time to flipso then you wanna and you have to waitit’s time to flip when their bubblesstart coming on the ends of the butterand stuff like that you can also usecooking tray or vegetable order for thisokay guys so as you could see I flip theend if you have this little white papernext time it’s okay but you have for thethe best thing is to press out all themix out of the pancake and then when youflip it again you have to press the endswhere this where it’s at so that thepancake will get done all the way how doyou guys have the tick-tock and if youdo follow me a yo dot Queen that surelyyo doc we not surely one and go followmy sister at you’re not cleaned outMichaelacome on and go follow my other accountyou look for not surely seventeen itwill be in the link to the descriptionif you don’t remember that yeahyeah how many of you people like dancingI know I do but I really just do itbecause I’d be bored but how many of youlike conductance and or Trek commentwhat you like the most is your mouth I’mskinnyhow many if you also see how this lookshow it has like huh see how it has thelittle white things on it like the creamyou don’t want that there so you rideone flip again oh my gosh oh that wasperfect I love to me is to this thing tomake and I’ll come back to what I makeit almost every morning but you need toit huh Mir I don’t know how many ofyou’re making but this box will probablymake them already pancakes the most ifyou use it wise this is to make a littlebit of mix I have and you can use anycup any Bowl anything that you needso hey guys so it’s ready to flip doneand got once just I want to say hit thelike button subscribe and thanks forwatchingand also don’t forget to turn off thestoveI turn it off but it’s going slowly downand I’m gonna taste this and I’m gonnaput some stuff on it put them with it sodon’t get itwhere’s the start sorry I already saidget help me open it okay let me pourthis on there or this on there that’sthe best thing ever I don’t think that’sdone dudebut practice makes perfect and wouldthat mean say wash your hands they saythey six feet away from people and fromstrangers and I’ll see you later[Music]

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