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How to make Nigerian Pancake/Diet.(Take your pancake experience to a whole new level) 😋

Hi guys, so today am sharing with you one of my childhood experience,am sure you’ll love it.enjoy……

For this recipe;

You’ll need

1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup milk
3 tbs sugar
11/2 tbs salt
1onion bulb chopped
1 fresh scotch bonnet pepper chopped
1/2 cup water
1 egg
Veg oil or butter for frying.

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to another episode ofthe Nellie field change TV and today I’mabout to show you something really yummy[Music]pancakes Nigerian pancakes truck dietthis is one recipe I grew up eating doesNigerian pancake introduce you toingredients milk sugar flour saltvanilla pepper onion eggs and water andof course vegetable oil for frying I’musing sunflower oil I found out thatmixing everything into my blender makesme have less mess so everything goesstraight into our blender so our milkgoes in and our sugar all purpose flourone egg and then vanilla assault whenyour pan has heated up a little bitslightly you start adding your butterfrom the blender to the pan so like Isaid earlier this is one breakfastrecipe I grew up eating in Nigeria so itis very very delicious you can choose tospice up this recipe by adding bellpeppers you can even choose to addcarrot vegetables just go wow there areno rules in the kitchen just you knowyou can just choose to change up thingsthe way they are just to get your tastebut I’ll show you this recipe if yougive it a try you will never regret itso our pancakes is ready to be flippedyou look at for the edges of thepancakesbeing brown golden brown like creepsthat is when you know it is ready andyou not starting this tiny littlebubbles inside of the pancakesit shows that your pancakes is cookingwell okay here guys we are done with ourpancakes to diet and here is our endresult if this does not scream I loveyou I don’t know what else is so it istime for the taste test and I got myplate and my frog so I’ll just grab oneand taste it for you I already know howit’s a taste but for the purpose ofthose watching there we gothis is so deliciousguys like you have to try this if you’venot tried diet or 9gm pancakes you needto give this a try and show yourchildren some mommy loveokay so guys we have come to the end oftoday’s video I have shown you how tomake the tastiest the most deliciousyummy breakfast recipe Nigerian pancakesfrom diet yes and if you like this videobecause I know you definitely like itplease do give me a thumbs up andsubscribe to my channel the red buttonthat says subscribe you see somewherethere please click on it and whileyou’re at it turn on your burnernotifications the bell the Bellnotification helps you to be alertwhenever I upload a new video and alsofollow me on my social media platformsthey are all in the description box andI will see you next time until thenremember better is not good enough thebest is always yet to come[Music]

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