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Existensial Pancakes & Homemade Rhubarb Jam

This is a reupload bcus the other one was rly long and boring and poorly edited. i hope this is a bit better.
how to cook pancakes and 3 different kinds of rhubarb jam – strawberry, grape & lemon on a budget as a neet

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

yoits angerya mamii exist im me im realyet i feel like i cant feelis there even a meaning to findim just a speck in the hive mindim conscious.. am i?
then why do i feel so blindmy vision feels hazy am i going crazy
i got sand in my third eye(b-b-brapp) my bodys not me, its just temporary
molecules that wil eventuallygo back to the cycle the endless spiral
of the universe, they arent my propertyyet i feel liberated, thoughcus nihilistic thoughts let you knowthat if theres no meaning to life
no substance in strife
then theres neither a point in an heroam i just an npc
those i made fun of previouslyif im no protagonist am i an antagonist
well at least im not a fkn normiebut is it superflous
love, happiness, contentmentwhen it makes you contemtuous
insecurity, resentmentthey all must be faking it too BRAPhiding their lack of value BRAPsignaling virtue, at the cost of freedom
voluntarily caged in the zoo

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