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Day 10: how to make Filled Pancakes

Filled Pancakes, XianBing 馅饼.
This is the dish that no one can resist in my family.

3 cups or 500 grams of flour
1 tsp yeast
1 tsp salt
50 ml maize meal (this ingredient was added specially for South Africa, you can leave it out)
300 ml warm water

Fillings: (same fillings as day 9 dumplings)
400 grams beef mince (need a bit water if the mince is too dry)
Some cabbage leafs
Spring onion
Soy source
Dumpling spice

This is same method as I showed in Baozi (steamed filled bun).
After wrapping, you need to flat it with your hands. DON’T use rolling stick to flat it. With hands, you can evenly distribute the dough and fillings without breaking the skin.

Pan fry it until golden color. I normally close lid or add a bit water to cook the raw meat fillings .

Enjoy and stay healthy as always!

Original of the video here

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