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How to make Eggless Pancakes and with Egg| Simple and easy quick recipe | Quarantine cakes

Bored with regular food. Just try out the amazing soft and fluffy pancakes in this quarantine bored time with easy and simple ingredients. Just follow the video.

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Video Transcription

hello how are you hope you are doingfine and good morning and then welcomeback to another super una by myselfrather Montana I mean because my lastrobotics is not Gautama Solomon sayscannot see me thank you so muchmy last video was really good so muchgood response I’m really happy for thatyeah a lot is going on how so I came upwith the another recipe every day wemight be more is the same stop eatingevery day same food so we might be boredand the question anyway lemon could nota good song what I am is nama there’s nome zoom in and expand the PC and Englishand mirrored I any Sudan knee if youwanna party to prepare pancakeswe need generally comedies which areavailable in our homes generally what weuse in our homesthat’s only required nothing much moneyto chala limit Erica allowance nevermake a convenience one will justSamantha so come let’s check what arethe ingredients we need then we wrenchvery quiet who’s also my Sam sugar andmix it up baking powder baking sodafind an ml of milk and don’t surprisewith this many eggs we just require onlyone takeif it is a case if you make it less thenyou don’t agree many we can do we cansay you can make the conical super promelee is qualit quality damagingyourself couple Omega s pretty sure thatonce baking powder baking soda is koshertaking power where the baking powderwaiting surrounded baking soda[Music][Music]and that makes it look up goes up my dadwas somewhat a consistencythose are battling this is only a sorry[Music]which are Maori and there may be likevery slowly our batter is ready and thisis a neglect batter the batter day wehave come back the consistency should belightness it now goes up until ourcondition to another this country tomake with inequality just call it in aproper and make band right nothingactually we have to put butter in thisbut as a lockdown going onI couldn’t find the butter so I’m usingoilOlivia gave up one day some type of[Applause]if you lose it and they will be moresoft and one taste here without a callso it will be fine it is good and hejust burned itI reckon low temperature low you just try a lot of resolution a hightemperature but I got high temperaturebut I prefer the one positive just cookin the low temperature bomb cooking hightemperature don’t I just play soil onthe pan[Music]just look at this after one minute andwe’ll just come up with the bubblesbubbles on the water and I want a cup oflava sorrywhat’s Naga Maya should not be like thisone it is very slowly and see the colorde la Rocha walked away gently you knowdouble-time cookies for a new singletime single side opener sorry the stupidslowly and low temperaturea straight under the paving the patientsjust see here it is if you touch it youcan feel that it’s very soft so it doesmean it’s cool but I wanna wear a softpillow so nice off the software’s fornow Anthony Parliament a hue nerd anthemso that was Randy[Music]it’s donenextagain next one[Music]don’t think it is the temperature justscoop it in low temperature temperaturesalinity I can do the personal medicaltake what I mean is formula is recipesee my pancakes are ready familysiphoning two cups of Maya we can makethese mini pancakes in the end pancakesand the source of tea and coffee withimmolated here we have package set upthe pancake syrup you just call Juliethe wonderful day honey you do to be acomedian and a fine of Rs community on aMedina and so by the end it’ll speaklovely appendages fine comment downbelow how it is over this or your namegoes yes my idea there is people don’tthink I mean people just comment downbelow if you want in the recipe ofPancakes thank youlike and share and subscribe thank youso much

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