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Mr Sanders pancakes in a pan

Demo 2 showing how to cook pancakes in a pan.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning it’s Mr Sanders again doingpancakes but this time in a pan forthose of you that do not have a grill soI’ve got my dry ingredients alreadystirred thoroughly I’ve got my wetingredients but I didn’t add the vinegaryetbecause I don’t want the vinegar tocombine with the milk that I have andseparate so I’m gonna put my egg and mymilk in here and then I’m throwing myvinegar and stir this is the gluten freevariety again because I’m making themfor my son and he is gluten free so Istir this up if on the gluten-free it’stoo thick I can always add milk androoster it’s a little bit thick so I’mgoing to add a little bit more milk notmuch not much because if you get toomuch milk then the gluten free becomepancake puddles that’s not goodI’ve got me pan already heated on onmedium on this stove it goes up to 10 soI’ve got set on 5 I can always turn itup but I can’t it’s very difficult ifit’s too hot to turn it down becauseyour pancake will already have beenburnt so we’re going to take our butteragain and rub our butter on the panTeflon is preferred this is a ceramic sosame thing is Teflon no stick surface sowe plop out our pancakes here big scoopfor each onethese are a little bit thick but that’show my wife likes them also becausethey’ll end up being a little bitfluffier my son’s not a big fluffy guythat’s a flatter pancake but he’ll livewith this takes about five minutes totalcook time on the pancakes cuz you haveto get the one side done you have toflip them overif you get the pancakes too big you’llhave one big pancake because they’ll allblend together instead of three smallerpancakes so when you’re working in a panthe size of the pancake makes a bigdifference because the pan is only solarge you can’t spread them out as muchas you can on a grip on this one becauseagain I’m so sick it’s gonna be a littlebit tricky to see when they’re done bythe around the edges so I may end upflipping them before it’s done here onthe edges you can’t see any cook donehere yet so I’m not gonna flip them yetso this is a dead time where we talkabout hey the capitis test is coming upa week from Tuesday we’re all excitedabout that I know that I am after thecalculus test then you’ll be able torelax and probably really dive intomaking lots of pancakesalright it’s been on there a coupleminutes I’m gonna go ahead and flip themif they’re not done I’ll reflect themyou’re not supposed to do thatbut it always works so okay first fliphuh pretty close pretty close to doneokay so now after it’s cooked for awhile on this side I’m going to flipback over and I might even reef flipagain just depends on the doneness theseare a little bit trickier to tell whenthey’re done because they’re chocolatechocolate chipthey are the all-time favorite ofcalculus students that I’ve taught everyyear that gets the most votes and everyyear people talk about how amazing theytaste it’s like a chocolate and browniebut it has very very little sugar in itthe only sugar in it is with thechocolate chips so you get this sugaryou get the sweetness from the chocolatechips and the maple syrup that you puton them which reminds me I need to get aplate outand I’m gonna flip them back over so seewe’re not quite done maybe the worstthing in the world is a raw pancake wellit’s not the worst thing in the worldbut it’s really bad because you cut intoit and you’re eating just wept doughystuff so that’s not so good you couldwell you don’t want to burn them andthat’s why I flipped too much becauseI’m afraid that if I wait too long and Iburn the top of the bottom then that’sgonna be badso all right one more flip done see howmuch browner this is than this that’sdone that’s not quite and justdefinitely smelling like a brownie sowe’ve got another 10 seconds there 15seconds and then I have to go with batchnumber two okay you’re not gonna see mewatch that dude that batch number twobecause that’s it you’ve seen this potthey’re doneso I said they put them on a plate andreal maple syrupa real maple syrup maple syrup not anJemima and my wife’s favorite toppingwould be the whipped cream so we’ve gotthe pancakes we got the maple syrup wegot the whipped cream and we’re done sonot too bad five minutes seven minuteswe went from ingredients to wonderfulchocolate chocolate chip pancakes

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