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Making Pancakes!

I cup flour
I cup of milk
2 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon baking powder
I large egg

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we are going to be making hi Katieand you come along with me so first youneed 1 cup of flour then you need 2teaspoons of baking soda then you need 2tablespoons of sugar[Music]now two-way stop we’re going to turn ohyou can’t help me now we’re just goingaway and let our pan warm up for thelast pancake it’s also going to be asmall small little bit left so I’m goingto put this on the pan and then it willhave a shape because whenever I make mypancakes they’re all wonky so now I’mvideoingtime-lapse because it would be reallyboring watching me pour this in 100times over flipping at waiting for it towarm and so yeah I will see one I madepackageyouall done with the pancakes I think itwas kind of a bit of a bad try because II have made them all burnt so good trylike on the back of the old burn I’mreally bad right in my face I think Ithink the next time we know because I umyou try then you know what problems sothe next time we do it then we know whatproblem we’ve done and maybe we’ll get apancake boulders these boys don’t lookvery good so anyway thank you forwatching comment down below what videowe should do next where you bound formore videos and thumbs up bye[Music]

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