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Video Transcription

hello YouTube family this is your girlgrandma’s healerjust chilling in a cut-in here preparingbreakfastI am brand new like new new to youtubeso if you like what you see please sharelike and subscribe hit that reminderbill so that you can repeat be remindingme of my next videos to come I will bedoing Q&A on my next video so if youhave questions or you need a requestplease fill me in so that I can go overtheir information come on this video I’m37 years old and just learned how tomake pancakes you guys so that’s whatwe’ll be preparing this morning becauseI’m hungry hungry so I have a hungryshack buttermilk pancakes in this batterright here is the pancake mix with somebutter water and butter okay I have myeggs blended already with garlic pulpalseasoning and onion powder are reallyexcited that together and I have here inthis little bowl some butter in oliveoil for my eggs what I be using on topof my pancakes is this pancake servedand a little bit of raw honey mixedtogether and I have my butter andeverything prepared when the boy hit inheat these pans up of course you knowwhat to say but first coffeeyes paper a little bit hazelnut won’thurt nobodyy’all let me know if I’m doing anythingincorrectly or anything that I shouldchange I am open to opinions and thingslike that cuz I want this to be the bestChannel we’re gonna be doing DIYs we’regonna be doing mug bangs so you will geta chance to see my face that’s not stackokay so I had already started on tryingto heat my butter up I already done somerice and then I started to video and soI’m messing up so chow

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