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Video Transcription

I had I’m sorry about that it could be Iwas Angela’s baby I mean the wholecamera for these okay so we just gonnaget that brother hot we’re gonna get Ialready do some rice tooso we don’t get these disturb on bakingback saffron okay and and look this thatBradley cheap bacon I have you so I’llup and all over there but baby yes whatwe’re gonna be using it today yes ma’amokay so because I’m recording on myphone you might see like three videosbut this one little Brussels videooutside can give me a camera okay so mypin is where I need it to beyeah we don’t try to keep that brotherreal good and hot from my understandingokay so I’m gonna keep this camera downreal quick so I can focus in on thesepancakes because again your girl is nowlearning they’re just now learning allrightyeah you see the little shops in therethis bug that’s blood of it in therea Zambian on datenow when you saw us and a little bittybubbles in there I don’t know but that’swhen I’m gonna flip they’re going for ita little light and fluffy pancake Icannot like dry and pancakes I’m sorryI’m just painting those hot pink’ theydry they gonna be right there rightright where you send me cuz I’m notgonna eatlike an already trying to come the lightover there yeah how about ET beating inDVD teaching so and then that’s thelights already here cool there’s onbaking on this pancake that I do learnhow to okay I got my heat sets alonefive yeah my my bacon a little beat inthe bacon grease and I’m gonna show youhow what I mean I literally give mybacon and filth it over in a grief likethis and they did these for I like itbecause I don’t like no have done

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