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Calories – 566
Protein – 50g
Carbs – 66g
Fat – 14g

50g Oats
1 Banana
2 Eggs
50g Greek Yogurt
30g Whey Protein
+ Add Cinnamon for a little extra kick

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Video Transcription

right guyshave you ever wondered how to makeprotein pancakes it’s like when you’regot little bits on the weekend I’ll tryand make it and box you in isolation butno excuse now instead of just having ashake or something that actually proteinpancakes yeah so normal pancakes butwe’ll try making tiny bit morenutritious yeah and I’ve gone over thedifferent ingredients here some took ontop of it there’s like two scales if youhave your approach you want to pancakestaste like protein cardboard or actuallytaste nice and what am I in the middleyeah so we would just want to balance orif you’ve got if you don’t care aboutyour macros and stuff just throw oneverything yeah or if you just reallyreally want to make them nice andhealthy and nutritious goes the otherend of the spectrum for the cardboardthese don’t taste like cardboard rightso what we’re gonna do is put them toblend up that’s the plan today it’s notgonna be a mix or anythingall we’re gonna do if you’ve got scalesmake sure you put it 2-0 each time yeahfirst ingredient nice and easyoats 50 grams next you can use frozenbanana as welltwo eggs you can’t have egg white if youwant to just reduce the fat a little bitbut the protein intake um but I’m nottoo botheredjust for consistency you can use it as atopping it’s why we need some Greekyogurt just wrap it around yourself upcan you see how these make appearancesyou don’t need a mix and the macros areactually quite goodnext you don’t need protein powder witha bloody helps and George Vanilla’salways a good shower chocolate wearwhatever you want in that it reallydoesn’t matter right and then you cansee you can add like peanut butter andstuff like that to it but I’m gonna useit as a top end instead what we’re goingto do is gonna need two pancakes andthen put blueberries in the pancakeswhen we’re cooking them you putraspberry and then these two it’s secretweapons maple syrup and caramel 40different ones zero caloriessome lay off and also you might notice Ididn’t add any milk hope you won’t needit if you blush at the end yeah youdon’t need it that’s the mistake I madewith so many pancakes way all right nextpancake blended easy enough I’m notgonna add any milk don’t need to add anymilkit’s awesome to say it like I saidthat’s a mistake I made in the pastyou should think it’s way too little onmy pancakes that American style so alittle bit thicker but what we’re gonnadofry might the olive oil skin about somany fast neither before this mini bluebrickI prefer mine to be smaller and have afew of them than one massive one I don’tknow if any of you the same but it’s somuch better when there’s more than justmenyou see it’s gonna cook as soon as weget bubbles go in that’s when you flipthem yeah and now blueberries in it justflip just put them in the middle so youcan if you feel in decent thing good putchocolate chips in by just blueberriesso nice especially in this weather it’sactually pretty decentwhy pancakes should be assemble with nowfor good bet this is zero calories yeahand you can all I’ve got a caramel oneand also your maple syrup as well I’malways having the maple syrup one so I’mgonna change out today so raspberriesand blueberries on it and also to tryand make this the mistakeI’ll sit this out look for proteinpancakes here come at mebutton mad enjoy well I’m gonna enjoythis make a tag me and him like thevideo subscribe share it if you’ve everif anyone else you thumb oh my dadwanted to make protein pancakes or yourbest friend or your cousin send it upyeah show them this way in this mud Ihave a good day guys see you a bit


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