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Cooking in Paradise with Chef Chris: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
1⁄2 teaspoon table salt
1⁄2 teaspoon baking powder
1⁄4 teaspoon baking soda
3⁄4 cup buttermilk
1⁄4 cup milk (plus an extra tablespoon or so if batter is too thick this has to be a thin batter)
1 large egg , separated
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
vegetable oil (for brushing griddle)
Cinnamon Sugar Butter Filling
Heat equal amount of butter and brown sugar cook until melted add in as much cinnamon as you like….taste taste taste
Vanilla-Powdered sugar-Vanilla-Milk or cream
Hints & Tips
1. Mix dry ingredients in medium bowl. Pour buttermilk and milk into 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup. Whisk in egg white; mix yolk with melted butter, then stir into milk mixture. Dump wet ingredients into dry ingredients all at once; whisk until just mixed.
2. Meanwhile, heat griddle or large skillet over strong medium-high heat. Brush griddle generously with oil. When water splashed on surfacesizzles,pourbatter,about1⁄4 cupatatime, onto griddle, making sure not to overcrowd.
3. Spread a large spoonful of cinnamon butter mix. Cover with another thin bit of batter.
4.When pancake bottoms are brown and top surface starts to bubble, 2 to 3 minutes, flip cakes and cook until remaining side has browned, 1 to 2 minutes longer. Re-oil the skillet and repeat for the next batch of pancakes.
Be sure the batter is thin enough to make a longer oval pancake. Fill with Cinnamon sugar mix.
Flip just like a regular pancake. once finished set aside.
Once completely cooked and cooled. Lay out and spread inside with frosting then roll and put it on a plate. Add more frosting or maple syrup.

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Video Transcription

my barber told me you don’t have aforehead you’ve got a faux faux fauxfaux headthe truthgood morning everybody Chris Allenaccepted a chef of papasano restaurantand we’re actually having a cold frontmove in today it’s 81 degrees todaytemperatures dropping sowe can get through so today we’re goingto do something really really fun I havethis Andy Andy electric skilletsomething you may have this at home ifyou don’t it’s a great investment youcan have a lot of fun with this with thegifts this is a great way to makepancakes you have your nonstick surfacewhich is always a benefit and today whatwe’re going to do is we’re going to dosomething a little different we’re notgoing to make your standard roundpancake that’s too boring we’re gonnahave a little bit of fun we’re gonnaactually make the long pancake and fillit with some cinnamon and sugar and thenwe’re gonna roll it up and then we’regonna drizzle it with some icing thenwe’re gonna make what’s called acinnamon roll pancake and you might haveseen online they actually post this onour Facebook page so you can take a lookat it there so let’s dive right in herewe go I’m going to start out with nowtoday’s lesson isn’t going to be sooriented to exact measurements so righthere it’s a lot of butterit’s probably everythinggo aheaddown here I have some brown sugar simpletoday’s recipe isn’t very rocket scienceeat it’s a pretty straightforward simpleingredient so far I have two ingredientsof butter and brown sugar easy so farright great I’m gonna get that almostliquefied if you will I want tobasically make a very quick fast caramelnow to that I’m gonna just go ahead andadd in some cinnamonnow again part of today’s theme is we’renot going to be a slave to measurementsso I’m going to add this in what I thinkis going to be good should i do cinnamonchallenge right now live on Facebookdare me anybody once we had a hundredthousand views we’ll make youso get us up to 100,000 views and I’lldo this I’ll do the cinnamon challengeout in the middle of the day how’s thatokay so I added a little bit of cinnamontogetherjust brown sugar and butter a littlecinnamon flavor very very simple andstraightforward right easy nowon yourrecipeall the ingredients the salt for sugarthe flour baking soda baking all of thatnow no one knows that I’m also amagicianyou ready watchesand all those ingredients right there inthe ball mixed together okay see that noone knew it was a magician as well as achef sometimes certain nights of theweek they do a lot of it okay so this isit’s not about how much you’re gonnahave so you’re gonna ask me how muchliquid I put it on the recipe that’s abad oneit’s a guideline I have a little bit ofmy buttermilk here when you’re makingpancakes it’s all about the viscosity ofyour batter this is actually a quickbread quick bread we made a quick breadalready wants we made the stones thatwould be classified as a quick breadthis also is a quick bread in that quickbread category why is it called a quickbedthey’re quick very easy good you’re alllearning at home I love that so what I’mgoing to do is I’m going to very veryslowly pour in my buttermilk just mixthis around now what I’m looking forwhen I do this because I’m looking tosee what the viscosity is you big dirtlook at me is a big word today viscosityso the word viscosity means it’s likeoiled there motor oil is measured inviscosity how liquid eve is it so doesthat look liquidy that gonna make a goodthinking slowly not right so I’m gonnaadd in more liquid okay add in just alittle bit more mix liquid and then giveit a mix picnics with the tipsnow one thing you don’t want to doworking protein structures we don’t wantto have that turn off my caramel that’sall done nice and liquefied it wasactually telling me undone as it wasalmost burning to a crisp but I gotsometimes you’d rather be lucky thangood so I’m going to add in a little bitmore right there now I don’t want toover mix this because then you’re goingto have right we want a nice softpainting so I’m basically using what’scalled a folding motions I’m pulling thebottom mixing it over the topbeating it to death and being rathergentle with it but what I’m looking foris almost a pourable batter that I couldactually pour this batter out because Iwant to make it be a longer oval ratherthan a simple round and I’ll show youguys how we’re going to get to that inour next phase so I’m getting theremy viscosity is coming still a littlelumpy okay it’s still not what I’mlooking for this batter for thisparticular recipe probably could lean inbetween a regular traditional pancakeand a great consistency it sounds likethe class maybe we can do a crepe buscherries Jubilee over over a crepe isalso fantastic dish will anotherunderground now this particular recipeI think it might be a winner reallyreally something very positiveso what I’m gonna do[Music]my vessel that I’m gonna pour mypancakes out in and what I’m gonna do isI’m gonna cheat with a little trickwhile my daughter doesn’t stick insidehere you’ve sprayed it spray it withsome pants I know that I might as wellspray a little bit of that and I’llspray a little bit on my head no I won’tthat’ll get my hair that look seriousshiny I can’t do that todayso I’m just going to go ahead and putthat in you see how pliable that is yousee that viscosity if you will yeahthe way easy check my tonal here lookinggoodso I have that ready to gowe might as well go ahead bank cardwe’re gonna go ahead and make our icingreal quick that’s really really hotright now I’m going to turn it down justa touchit was so hot you can see the deductionfor anymore so it’s really hot but whatare we going to do is we’ll turn ourattention to our making our glaze andyou’ll see that this is going to take areal real long timeyou maybe have been maybe a minute I’mgonna get crazy I’m going to actuallymake the cinnamon I had here vanilla andI have a little bit of maple syrup againthis can be anything you want to make apineapple icing guess what you would usepineapple exactly I heard you say it outthe audience do that pineapple so I’mactually making a vanilla maple andglazed maple syrup and cinnamon glaze soI’m gonna just take a little bit more ofthat liquid that I have and again andI’m not measuring I’m actuallyeyeballing it I’m trying to look for aconsistency okay you’ve all seen icingsbeforeso since I put the cinnamon in it it’sgoing to be a little bit more brown incolor but don’t let the brown fool youit’s still going to be nice anddelicious sometimes we eat with our eyesand when you see Brown it’s associatedwith because sugar has in it it actuallyhas more in starch in it so I want tojust flatten out any of those bumps thatare in there and the moisture or theliquid in this will also melt that downwith knives it’s it just picks it up soit’s great that’s done yeah what we’lldo is we’re gonna see if our machinethe sizzle right finally we’re gettingthe sizzle right here okay so what I’mgoing to do is I’m going to form onelong strip watch how I do thisso in order to make my life a little biteasier I’m actually kind of doing it tomeasure my beautiful offset spatula hereso I’m going to pour the next one rightbeside it I’m gonna try to make it aboutthe same width as I can sometimes mydepth perception on this isn’t the bestthat’s okay we’ll fake it fake it tillwe make it I’m gonna take a little bitof this brown sugarI’m gonna just go ahead and put thatright inthe brown sugar and butter soulwe can’t go wrongokay I’m gonna take just a touch more ofthis batter but I’m going to put itright over the top just a little bitmorejust to cover that up just a little bitbecause it is sugar it will burn ratherquickly okay I just want to give it alittle bit of a little bit of cushionagainst that direct heat if you will soI can clean anything out with my towelready towels at the ready now whenyou’re cooking pancakes one of thecouple of things that you’re looking foris you’re looking for the edges to startto bubble okay you’ll see some bubblinghappening around the edges okay theother thing you can do is you canactually just go like this and pick itup take a peek okay see that I don’tknow if you guys can see that at homebut it’s showing a nice little goldenbrown that’s telling me it’s got aboutyeah about a minute more I’m gonna letit go for about another minute then I’mgonna flip it overthat’s my backyardI see here we give that a quick stiryou know if I really wanted to get crazyI can actually have added some of thisicing right into the center as well andI think I’m going to do that rightbefore I rollI’m gonna gild the lily as easy as theysay so once again I’ll pick this side upand take a look oh yeah that looksbeautiful nice and golden-brown that’sreally really pretty one of the keythings about making pancakes is you doneed to concentrate on your heatmake sure your pans not too hot not toocold it’s kind of got to be likeGoldilocks right just right so the trickis how are you gonna flip them so overwe go nice two-handed flipI’m guessing this one since he went onabout the same time just looking goodprobably just a couple more minutesthough so although I’m normally don’t dothings in even numbersscreening I’m gonna actually do this onein three so you guys can suspend thisokay I just want to flip these and getthem roll and then get you guys on yourway for the rest of your day okay so I’mgonna double down beside this flip itokay you’re not going to panic not gonnafreak out againone of the things I can tell anybody iswhenever you go into the kitchen try tohave fun okay some people get so seriousin the kitchen I’m not the great chef ornotget in the kitchen have fun there’s likeI said you really have a hard time tomake something bad if you’re Bates moveit along the way convinced a spaceit doesn’t taste good in the beginningso have fun though by tasting your foodand work with your family and your kidshave fun with thisso what I’m going to check just cut ittake a look I’m gonna take myhandy-dandy spatula here we go oh Idon’t want to break it though that Idon’t wantokay feeling goodset it on the plate right here checkthis onelet him just for about a second go aheadand turn this off so I don’t burn myselfdon’t feel like ruining my day thisearly on today I’ll get a separate platethis will be my work platethis out of the way go onbeside Kirk there we go we’ll start todo thisa little bit in the icing right inagainthat’s it on their watch just a littlebit just a little bit this is yourkitchen today have fun with it base ofit takes a little bit so real simple I’mgoing to just merely roll these uplike I said I want you to sustain thisbelief that there’s three of them hereon the platewe go ahead and clean that platewhen the plate I think I’m gonna have tofight into this one one last littlefinishyeah way together stinkHeyso here’s the dish I want to get alittle bit crazy doing it spreads themall over the platethen go out of itwhy take one or two today’s dish here atPapa Kona restaurant is beautifulwe’re really really hoping you guys comeback to see us really really soon thisis all over soon dudu we’re going tocontinue here keeping our restaurantgiven that as clean as we possibly canplease visit us onlineon your Facebook’s you’re in sir mr.tweets Instagram whatever you kids usenowadays I don’t know do it send thisout but remember 100,000 I’m going to dothe cinnamon challenge that’s aguarantee

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