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Pancakes are easy to make, combining three simple ingredients to create a lovely snack, slightly naughty meal or a dessert. There are many recipes and accompaniments though we always recomend to keep it simple. I prefer the thinner style of pancake as these are the ones my mum used to make when I was little though the little fat American style ones are equally good if desiring something a little different. Do give our recipe a try and don’t forget to enjoy it in the process! Happy Shrove Tuesday!!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi I’m chef Gary and I’m going to showyou how to make perfect pancakes withthree ingredients flour eggs and milkwith equal quantities of each so there’s1 cup of milk 1 cup of eggsI woke up with flour and into theblenderthat’s our mix all done so when we cookthe pancakes we use a little bit of oiland butter if you use the butter for theflavor but the oil stops it from burningjust a tiny little bit but uh give thatpan nice and hot[Music]okay ready[Music]so that’s how to make pancakes withthree simple ingredients thank you forwatchingyou[Music]

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