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How to make the best korean pancake at home.

The video was Made by the @thegmtwins.
The video shows the basic step by step guide to making the best korean pancake at home in the easiest way possible.
All you just need to do, is to watch and learn. There are also easy korean pancake hacks, that you didn’t know about, that you will learn from this video. You know what, it’s prefect for beginners as well, how wonderful.

You will definitely learn how to make korean pancake tasty.

The sounds added to this video, is just so dope. And prefect for you, you can even plug in your ear – phone and feel great.

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Video Transcription

[Music]it always was a gerund and Gigi was backwith the best recipes kitchen itself inas well so did I journeys kind of atrend because we’re sharing new recipesall about ba ashes over at astep-by-step rates and other stuff butyou’re gonna love this recipe and do thesubducting boy in subscribe and youyou helped vegetables of your choice yetI would rather shop well I would love inmy pancakes yeah what I would enjoy sowhat will you enjoy yeah in yourpancakes yeah well your family wouldenjoy – are you gonna prepare a lot ofcolors sacral tea might be squeezedright togetheryeah you have an uncle vanya StanfordHarrisontable stops we got three nice scallionsyeah I kind of made itthank you sir what’s your choice toinclude more than that’s it great one ofour foot medium on use yeah I’m going totell you what that would be so later onthe video de gray premium potato thetiniest of hair and give up the spot forthe Steve oh yeah[Music]I’m go to break that you beautifulfingers and you’re gonna break the rollbeautiful fingers yeahso it’s grated now you puke the threemedium potato and basically projectedyou all – really – yeahI’ll hmm use a tiny tiny affiliate topit up I pushed it downpress it downwe’re not out cup of water we have toeat and press it out to get you out ofyour choice but if you like moves on forfive minutesset you down from the spicewe point out the water we carefully putall this possible the call up the sizeslike wide yeahlike yeah something like that so we’regonna lay that outside and towards that[Music]we are add one over four of the gratedonions yeahremember the initials grated back thenyeah we’re going to audit to the gratedpotato while waiting for for the spiceyeah this is to prevent discolorationentire tongues down the languages thecolor remains intact so that is it fortoday’s lecture in their stepso if you don’t want to go to the storein a way of brief time championsso if you wanna go through the officesany case you start already percent whichis aa Hadi to the plated potato[Music]now our discussions grated potato apinch of salt and and eggs and mix ittogetheryeah can you see my stash yeah just likethat it looks just like thatso are the stash to the weighted potatoyeah so don’t forget you could also usethe karlon slash Buttercup punished in away of making this yeah if you don’thave that around your move togetherand adding a pinch of saltand mixing amazingthis one had yeah odd ducksyou can’t heat it up this light so youme seetogether you missile togethercomes togetherso he’s not time choice to shopspectators yeah nice table that was ashock and white all those[Music]so mix it together as well yeah is it’svery Accenture as wellyeah I’m adding a pinch of salt guysusually say we got new non-stick pan ourtools people would construct the panaround right the oil yeah the script forthatshe’s been for boys you’re gonna behidingyeah don’t forget to eat of the pen somepeople are TV boy yeah by now so youfeel really good things in the candypeople make sure you join togetherjoining together then each brings ittogether one pancake eeeh and you canalso bake it into but she’s yeah no it’sno necessaries in a one batch yeah youdo it like thatso turn the pancake overyou can either flip it tell with usscapular or flip the pan over platesthen turn it back so that’s what I didyou put up plate over take a pan tinytumbler plates then you put it back putit back on the pan yeah the other sidesomething like that now yeah that’s whatwe do[Music]so easy with few minutes like thisthat’s why I love you so much yummy ultiin a lot more show keep on checking itcheck ityou see that this is done within threeto eight minutes yeah or in the sunspotsgolden color black and if you love thisdon’t forget to Like and subscribe toour channel for more videos thank youyeah as I said this is done withinfuture eight minutes yeah you look at itit looks firm yeah and ticked and creepyas well so used to doing that yeah therewe goyeah this is what we yeah just releaseyourselfLuc’s yeah looks like these issues withthat served then a stabto make this sauce dad Celsus needed yeswithout this sauce thing it’s not reallyfun said the first step is what onespoonful soy sauce or burger if youdon’t have a choice other than easysubstitute yeah mrs. Beckham friendlysoy sauce sake but anybody can do thisas wellyes one and forth vegetable stockAnnabelleone cup of water four tablespoons ofwine vinegar one tablespoon of honey onetablespoon teaspoon of oil one of a 4teaspoon of ground ginger a pinch ofpepper and a pinch of salt and blend ittogether in blender than you are to soysauce after that let’s make the sauceoil one tablespoon of soy sauce or soysubstitute as I taught you on teaspoonof lime or vinegar yeah of Lima when agirl acts on two different substitute 1tablespoon of water 1/2 teaspoon ofsugar a pinch of black or red pepper and1 spoonful on yeah you sure you have oneof this around uShip that’s all yeah soyou can see that yeahhe ever sells widow pancakes a yeahsurprise as usual we did it and don’tforget to Like and subscribe if you lovethis yeah so T dot C dot C[Music]so let us check out the beautifulpictures and videos cutting from thisvideo[Music]so so delicious yes not to meyeah oh he does excite these amazingyeahok say ok can anybody can enjoy thisanybody anywhere they because reallyeasy to do this and so so easy to driveis attorney as you guys but he loved itcommercial v – you drivepart of it yeah[Music]and don’t forget to click on thenotification Bell like and subscribe aswellyeah because that because the clock ison that policy you know this many colorsas you want all the colors came outpretty and I could I wish I could giveyou like never you or maybe they don’tcome and village on our wayso pretty I love this that is one of myspecial recipes and see[Music]fish as well that’s what we’re doingmaybe some hot annoying I love it[Music]and immediatelyy’all enjoy this like comment sure yeahjust show your luck yeah I sure love bysharing as well so enjoy this deliciousrecipe we go badlylet’s forget to Like and subscribe andclick on the notification bear yeah[Music]so Arvind Oprah doughboysa day full of oh thanks for your timelove you guys[Music]

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