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BANANA PANCAKES | HOW TO MAKE BANANA PANCAKES #bananapancakes, #Carinefavour #cameroonrecipes

#bananapancakes, #howtomakebananapancakes, #cameroonrecipes, #Carinefavour

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel hopeyou all are doing well thank you guysfor clicking on this video to my oldsubscribers thank you guys for alwaysalways coming back and to my newsubscribers I appreciate each and everyone of you and if today’s your firsttime here on my channel please do notforget to subscribe do me a favor clickon the red button that says subscribeand you can turn on your bells so thateach time I upload a new video you aregoing to get a notification so today’svideo I want to share with you guys howI made this delicious banana pancakes soguys if you have bananas at home and youfeel like they are too ripe for yourlikingdo not rush them you can actually make adelicious pancake with those bananasyeah so I watched another Cameroonianyoutuber by name pre TV I’m going toleave a link in my description boxshe made cookies out of banana and old Ido not like both I’ve never tasted bothanyways because I’ve only seen recipeson pudding and I do not like pudding atall anything that I have to swallow likepuddingI do not like so I decided to use bananato make banana pancakes yeahfollowing her recipe so she’s a DIYQueen try to check out her channel I’msure you’re going to like one or twovideos and you might subsequentlysubscribe so yeah let’s go into mykitchen[Music]so these are the things you need forthis banana recipe you need butter ormargarineI used my dream and for bananas itdepends on you if you don’t want toomuch you can reduce the banana and thenI used plain flour what’s a normal 3.5milk and salt sugar my oil does just thenormal vegetable oil a bowl to mix andyour mixer you can actually use ablender as well so all you have to dopeel bananas put that in a bowl press orblend before adding any other thing[Music]you[Music]so guys I forgot one importantingredient I use two eggs you can gowith one two or three depending on yourquantity so I used to because I wasactually frying a good quantity ofbanana pancake[Music]so as you guys can see I am using just apinch of salt and a small amount ofsugar you do not need too much becausebananas are really too sweet guys if youall are worried with my measurementsplease I do not have so much time toactually follow the process of you knowtrying to measure all the ingredients Iuse on a scale yeah I really do not havetime for that so just make sure youfollow what I do and you can try totaste as you do it so that if you feellike adding sugar or salt or banana youknow you can do that and you can seethat I also added water and I felt likemy mixture was too light I went aheadand added some flour added some waterand I kept mixing to achieve what Iwanted guys I’m so sorry for thebackground noise you all know the kidsare home Nia does it with me motherhoodthere is no way I can successfully filmand edit and do everything from myYouTube without having them around soyou just have to mix until it iscompletely smooth heat up your fryingpan and then go with your oil Dutch youlike to fry with it can be olive oilvegetable oil or butter yeah but is alsoso nice you can use butter you can usecoconut oil it just depends what youlike go with it yeah then fry that likefor a minute just check from time totime if it’s getting burnt or you knowextremely Brown and then you can flipthat yeah that’s just what I was doingguys you can see the struggle you canfry on very low heat so that yourpancake doesn’t get burned off make sureyour frying pan is also not sticky ifthat be the case I’m sure you are notgoing to achieve a very good but on apancake yeah[Music][Music]while guys look at that so so deliciouslook at the color brown it was so yummythat my husband requested for anotherbanana pancakes the following the he isusually not a pancake fan so if it isonly for this recipe guys please givethis video a thumbs up and do not forgetto subscribe see you in my next videobye[Music]

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