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Cook With Us | Japanese Soufflé Pancakes (FAIL)

Hey guys! Today we’re in our kitchen cooking Japanese soufflé pancakes. We tried to cook these fluffy pancakes using a recipe we found on YouTube. When we saw them on youtube we thought they looked super simple and should give them a try lol! We’ll have to try it again to perfect it but hope you guys enjoy! I’ll list the recipe I followed below!


2 egg yolks
33g (4 and a half teaspoon) all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
2 egg whites
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
23 g (1⅔ tablespoon) of sugar
little bit of butter

When you cook pancakes:
Cook one side on low heat for 3 minutes, add water and wait 1 minute, flip the pancakes and add water, cook for 3-4 minutes.


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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel somy sister Rebecca and I are gonna bemaking Japanese souffle pancakes andwe’ve never made these before so this isgonna be the first time we make them andhopefully it goes wellso I hope you guys enjoy this video andlet’s just get right into itso the ingredients that you’re gonnaneed are sugar all purpose flour milkvanilla extract baking powder butter sothat you could smear it I can set thepan before you cook the pancake and twoeggs okay so we’re gonna be separatingthe egg whites and the egg yolk so we’regonna be putting the egg yolk in thisbowl and then the egg whites in thisbowl because in this bowl we’re gonna bemaking a meringue so it needs to beseparate nevermindattempt number two you can try to dothis without getting chilled gettingshells inside no I’m going back andforth that’s what people do okay oh mygod no no I’m just gonna okay hope thatworksnopedon’t get the child with the water whoawait oh nevermind wow I just grabbed itand it wasn’t white we’re gonna beputting this away for now okay so we’regonna be mixing this nowwait where’s the other egg it’s in therebut then you dissolve oh okay so nowwe’re gonna be putting a tablespoon ofmilk into the we’re gonna be putting atablespoon of we’re gonna be putting atablespoon of milk okay so next we’regonna be putting a tablespoon of milkinto the batter so we’re adding twopercent milkokay so next we’re going to be adding ateaspoon of vanilla extract to thebatter okay so we’re gonna be adding thebaking powder which is half a teaspoonand then we’re going to be adding flourwhich is four and a half teaspoonsyou’re gonna mix the flour and also thebaking powder into the same sifter sowe’re gonna be sifting it together nowwe’re gonna mix it okay so that is itfor the batter part so now we’re gonnabe working on the egg whites to make themeringue so that we can add it to thebatter okay so what you’re gonna do isyou’re gonna mix the egg whites andwe’re gonna be using the KitchenAidmixer yeah okay so now we’re gonna bemixing it unload okay now I’m going fastif your egg whites look frothy they’regonna add one and two thirds of twotablespoons of sugar into the egg whitesso we’re gonna be doing that right nowhugs it is it’s no guys if you have bugsin your sugars and just throw it outokay so we’re gonna be adding themeringue into the batter so we watched avideo on this and they said to do itlike if you’re scooping ice cream sothat it doesn’t like it flat I guess sowe added like a little bit of themeringue in first and then once thislooks good then we’ll like add more toit okay so it looks a little bit runnyokay so now we’re going to be putting iton low heat and we’re gonna be puttingbutter on it but we’re gonna wipe it offso it’s not gonna really like melt andlike the edges and stuff oh my godthat’s too much butter we’re gonna try Idon’t even knowlooks bad no I’m just gonna do two at atime they’re flat now I’m gonna close itfor three minute okay so after this isdone for three minutes then we’re gonnaadd a little bit of water to just like afew sides of the pancake just so that itsteams so you wait actually one minuteuntil you flip it so I think I’m gonnaflip itokay I’m gonna add more waterand then I’m gonna leave it like thatfor three minutes okay so yeah itcurrently smells like eggs right now ohI think maybe we got egg white in thebatter or something I don’t know whathappened but yeah I think that probablywould happen because the the meringuewas like a little bit a little bitliquidy so that’s why it’s looking likethat like it’s not as thick as we’veseen in the videos yeah so I think it’stend to flip or they might be donethey look like they’re cooked yeah theylook so bad I’m gonna try doing anotherone but this time I’m gonna try usingthisoh no it’s too liquidy maybe we didn’tmix it good enough oh god oh no oh mygod burn yeah definitely done okay soit’s been two minutes and I don’t wantit to burn so I’m just gonna check ifit’s looks like a real pancake yeah okayso now we’re gonna have Elizabeth trythem so since there’s three pancakes Iguess we can all try one so we’re gonnataste okay ready one two threeit literally tastes like french toastyeah tastes like eggsit’s snow like I can taste the vanillaI mean french toast okay so we tastedthe pancakes and it tasted eggy becauseI’m pretty sure we got I don’t know whathappened honestly I think we just didn’tmix it right I think there was like eggwhites into in the batter like we didn’ttake all the egg white out so that’sprobably what happened but it tastedlike french toast because there was eggsin it still I guess it’s still good butit was so good yeah but it didn’t likerise or anything it just got flat whichi think is also because of the eggwhites but other than that I’m probablygoing to be making one of these probablybecause I want to get better at it Iwant them to actually look the way theystood yeah but um anyways I hope youguys enjoyed this video if you did giveit a thumbs up and don’t forget tosubscribe to my channel and follow me oninstagram and just let me know in thecomments down below what you guys wantto see and in the future so don’t forgetto hit the bell notificationto get notifications when I post newvideos and I will see you guys next timebyeyou

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