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Come Cook with me Blueberry Pancakes

Hello family today I’m making blueberry pancakes. Thank you for joining me. I would also like to thank you for watching my video yesterday…My thoughts on meeting BLove. if you haven’t already done so please go check it out. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and leave me a comment. I would truly love to hear from you.

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Video Transcription

hello everybody this is Dee from thesedelicious fights and I’m back I’m backI’m back back back with another videomukbang a cooking show everybody let’sgo check out my video if you wanna getit right come to our delicious bitescheck it check it video checked out myvideo welcome back to my channeleveryone if you’re new here please don’tforget to hit that subscribe button andthe notification belt as well so younever miss out on another delicious biteand if you’ve been in it for a minute Ithank you so much for coming on back soyou guys today is a Saturday morning itwon’t be when you get this video but Iam hungry and I felt like I wanted somepancakes so that’s what we’re makingquick and easy old box pancakes justgonna judge them up a little bit add alittle something to it but pretty muchjust box pancakes and a little bit ofbacon Bacon’s already done I already atesome of it because I’m hungryso I’m using Hungry Jack buttermilkcomplete and these just are the ones youadd water to and you know I like to addmy coffee creamer to my french toast youcan add it to your pancake mix if youwant to I don’t I just add the water andI put it in a measuring cup that mightbe too much measuring cup that has thespout on it because it’s easier to pourwe take some of this out I think I gottoo much I don’t need a whole lot ofpancakes just for me maybe about threeor four in that many but anyway so thereis the pancake mix sometimes I use awhisk sometimes I use a spoon it justdepends I think I’m going to spoon ittoday so how’s everybody doing I amdoing amazing I hope you are as well Ihope your Saturday is going great oh Idon’t use measurements you guys I’msorry I know you’re probably like wellwhat’sI don’t know you can follow them you canfollow the recipe on the box if you needto I don’t I I ball it to theconsistency that I want it to be if Ineed more water I’ll add it if I youknow want less water then I have to goback and put some more pancake mix inthough in the container I just eyeballit pretty much look at it and see what Ilike I have these big old fatblueberries that I got from the grocerystore that I’ve rinsed off gonna dropthose in yes indeedy I’m feeling likesome pancakes today I like to add apinch of salt don’t know why I just do Ithink it enhances the flavor of thingsI’m gonna add some vanilla just toeyeball and I’m gonna add some cinnamonI like cinnamon in my blueberry pancakesjust my thing is gonna mixed up here adda little more powder I’m at the endamount just a bit too much no that looksbetter I’ve got my Center hot plate overhere warming up I’ve just sprayed on alittle bit of olive oil spray definitelygoing to be adding some butter to thatlet’s put that here and then I’m justgoing to porkprobably have to turn it down a bitget that spoon back because I kind oflike them to be shaped nicely I have topull you guys up in just a second let meget these pork bring you in zoom in alittle bit they don’t have to be for mesuper huge pancakes I tend to like thema little small turn that down clean upmy little mess I got going on you guysup a little bit so you can see what’shappening over here on the hot platecome up a little more there we go let’smove this out of the way back therebecause I will need it so anyway youguys I’m just gonna do some pancakessome bacon I am going to make my coffeeyou know how I am I got to have it and Iwill be having that in my Alice inWonderland mug that I got when I went toDisney some years back says drink mesays we’re all simply mad about tea itsays curiouser and curiouserit says I’m late I’m late for a veryimportant dateit says very for a very important datewhat else does it saydrink your tea or off with your head soI love my Alice in Wonderland cup it’sstacked where the cups look like they’restacked pretty precariously they lookstack crooked and I love this so I’mgonna have my coffee in that mug todayjust grabbing a plate to put thepancakes on once they are ready butanywaynothing fancy going on with me today Iam gonna rest and relax here at home itis a wet cold dreary rainy day so Idon’t have anything I have to go do andI’m glad about thatI was supposed to work but ended up nothaving to because we closed our unit sothat was kind of cool I didn’t have togo in but other than that I’m here athome and I’m so so grateful so thankfulfor everyone who watched my videoyesterday you know I got to meet be thelove I was so excited heart was racingso if you guys want to know my thoughtson that and how I felt about that how Ifelt like she was is she the same inperson or is she different check out mynext video that comes out where I amdoing a mukbang on the shrimp bag that Igot from the sauce cuz I talked aboutwhat it was like to meet her in thatvideo um you guys it’s time to flipthese when they start to dry out on topor bubble up on the edges it is safe togive them a flip there we go and when Iflip them over I like to add a littlebit of butter on the topput too much because I am actually goingto put some butter on this hot plate sotrying to put too much on here I likebutter around the edges it makes theedges crispy and I like that so that’swhy I put butter on the hot plate so Ican crisp up my edges a little bit and Ilove all kinds of pancakes well I lovemy pancakes I don’t really like pancakesout I will choose waffles or frenchtoast when I eat out and I choose abreakfast like a breakfast item like apancake or a fridge toaster waffle itwon’t be pancakes I find a tiered cakeswhen I eat out are never cooked doneenough for me I always think thatthey’re a little bit doughy and so Idon’t I’m like themwhile we’re waiting on that I think Ihave enough batter for one more pancakeI’m gonna go I’m gonna go ahead and makemy coffee and we’re gonna go with theFolgers north true dark unlike reallydark coffee sorry about the glare youguys hope you can see it turn it on yougrab some water[Music]get my morning topic even though I’m notgoing anywherewhenever you try to get a cup thatdoesn’t fit take your bottom tray outjust fine because I have really hugemugs you guys already know my mothercollection if you follow me and you’vewatched my videos writing oh my mudcollection is crazyand some of my mugs are huge and some ofthem are really tall and they don’t fitso I have to take the bottle tray outthat’s what my pancakes a couple oftimes I really I really need them to bedone I really do if I bite until adoughy pancake I’m done it that’s it formespoon for mine oh there is one downthere for my coffee okay so the guysanyway meeting me laughs was definitelyinteresting it was definitely you knowif you’re a youtuber you’re a vloggeryou do mukbangs or beauty or whateverit’s always nice to meet the person thatyou watching you follow just to see ifthey are who you think they are who youthought they present themselves to be sopeople that you that you watch onYouTube just like it’s kind of cool toget to meet people you watch on TV oryou know people musicians and thingslike that you want to meet the peoplethat you watch and you follow so to havethe opportunity to do that and I think Ithink that for that opportunity to dothat because you didn’t have to let memeet her so I put my pumpkin spicecreamer in my coffee that’s what youwantgood result cuz I don’t want pancakesthat I’ve not done in the middle thatwill drive me crazy so I push my crumbsout the way turn that down just a hairI’m gonna give it another light spraywith olive oil and get this last lastpancake on here maybe last twonow let’s swim in blueberry in it alittle bit so you guys I’ll be back whenI have all my pancakes ready to duckokay you guys so I am back my pancakesare done so I am just going to add somemore blueberries to them I have somemore that I’ve washed off and I’m justgoing to put those around the plategotta have more blueberries if you havea blueberry pancakes right put those onthere and I love to dust them with alittle bit of powdered sugar just tomake it prettyif I had some mint I would just put thaton there just to make it prettyI wouldn’t really eat the mint and thenI’ve got my syrup here that’s nice andwarm and because I have this banana thatI need to eat it was I started to makebanana pancakes as well as blueberriesto make two times but the banana wasn’tquite ripe enough to make the pancakeswith I really like it really super ripeand spot it because that’s when all thesugars released but it is just to thepoint of ripening to eat it’s not to thepoint of I want to cook with it so I’mjust going to add some extra fruitaround the plate using the bananas I hadsome raspberries I don’t know if there’sstill any goodyou give me a second I will go check andif they are we will use those as well Iknow you said grace your head your stufftogether all rightno we’re not using the raspberriesthey’re not edible at this point I needto put those in the garbage all right soyou guys this is it we gonna sit mm-hmmyeah um raspberries they they go wecan’t use them that’s what happens whenI buy a lot of fruit and the ends upgetting pushed to the back of therefrigerator and I’ll eat some and thenI’ll push it back and forget it’s thereand then oh my gosh it’s a hot messy’all know how it is don’t act like youain’t never did it anyway this is mybreakfast today my blueberry pancakes alittle bit of bananas on there warmsyrup I’m gonna grab my bacon and I amgoing to get it pop it if you guys likethis content and you would like to seemore from me please give this video upbig fat thumbs up don’t forget to Likeshare comment and subscribe please tellall your friends and family about thesedelicious bites share me out show me outshow me out guys so that they can stopby and have a delicious bite with me aswell I really do appreciate it so asalways I believe you’re capable ofamazing things you just have to believeit too so till I see you and you see mebe beautiful be blessed it’ll be thebest view that you can possibly be Ilove you guys so so much and I will seeyou in my next one hey my very next onebye guys

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